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Trouble changing gears - GS500

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by MrGrumpy, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. gday all,
    I purchased my GS new and have put about 7500kms on it since the start of the year. It has been trouble free but a few days ago I started getting a problem when changing gears.
    When I take off it will change from 1st-2nd fine, but when its 2-3, 3-4 etc I have problems. If the bike is sitting on around 7000rpm when you go to change gears, the gear lever wont move at all. To get it to change I need to let the revs drop back to around 2-3000 and then I can change up. Like I said it only just started 2 days ago. I am sure its probably something simple but I am mechanically challenged.
    It is under warranty so I will get it checked out, but I wondered if the NR brains trust has any thoughts.


  2. Could be a clutch issue, although normally I wouldn't expect that to affect up-changes.

    Is the throttle sticking open, thus preventing the gearbox from unloading when you roll off? The lever being solid certainly suggests that the box is remaining under load when it shouldn't be.
  3. IronSheik,

    I once owned a GS500(F) but I cannot recall ever having problems with the gearing on my '08 model bike. I understand you purchased your bike new at the start of 2010, so you have a little over 1yr's factory warranty remaining.

    In your (lucky) case, I'd be taking it to the nearest Suzuki dealer and having them sort it out for you, stress free etc.

    If it gets worse or you don't want to take any risks then phone them and they'll organise to pick it up.

    Hope you get it sorted quickly mate and ride safe.
  4. thanks guys. The throttle isnt sticking open. The first couple of times it happened it took me by suprise but after that I was expecting it so I made sure I took a mental note of everything the bike was doing when it happened and the throttle was definately closed.
    as you say knickers it is under warranty so I am going to take it over to my suzuki dealer in the morning and hopefully he can figure out what is going on.
  5. There-fixed for you ;)
    Good luck with the bike.
  6. haha...thanks mate...I have a habit of adding letters when they dont belong
  7. All good bud (y)
  8. whats the oil change intervals?
    might be worth getting the oil changed..
  9. Definately take it to the dealer. I've got a GS500, and have previously had two 450's and never had gearbox issues.
    Is the clutch engaging at the normal point?
  10. finally got it to the dealer. They noticed that the oxford heated grips I have on had slipped around and the clutch was hitting the wires that come out of the grip. Twisted the grips around a little so the clutch wasnt hitting, adjusted the clutch and problem solved.. Thanks for your advice guys.
  11. That was nice for them to fix an end users modification under the warranty.
  12. the grips were actually fitted by them when I had my 1000km my service done, but yeah they still sorted it for me which was good.
    Actually I have to say that Byrners Suzuki in Seaford have got great service. Anytime I have a question about the bike they dont mind spending some time with me. Anytime something needs a little adjustment they dont mind doing it free of charge, great blokes there.
  13. X100..great bunch of guys and gals..got me onto a GS500F after the lil hyo hand grenaded..from walk in to ride away was only a few hours.
  14. +1 i get all my tyres fitted at Byrners, cheapest and best service around.