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Trouble booking in for the P's test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Courtancer, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Has anyone else had much trouble booking in for their P's test? I've got 2 months left on my L's. I went to the RTA and paid for my P's course the other day, rang up the training centre and they told me that the only spot available in the next 2 months within 3 hours from where I live, (Bathurst NSW) was Penrith on a Tuesday!
    So it looks like I will be doing the whole L's course again. I went up to the RTA today to pay for the L's again. The lady at the desk told me the system wouldn't let me book anything till my L's run out, (which will probably mean another wait of 6 weeks).
    It makes me wonder if its even worth bothering to try getting my license.

  2. Just do the 3 hour ride to the place. Set out early get there have a nap on your bike, wake up intime for the course to start.
  3. Bathurst to Penrith in 3 hrs???? What kind of bike you riding?? :shock:
  4. Nooo don't say that! Hasn't your 7 months of riding made the decision a no-brainer? Just do it :grin: :grin:
  5. Limited to 80km/h.
    Hitting peak hour traffic.
    Finding a place I've never been before.
    Filling the tank before the test.
    Making sure I'm there with plenty of time before the 8AM start.

    What I'm asking is: has anyone else encountered the course being booked out this far ahead?
  6. Yes I had trouble. I ended up booking on the central coast and I live in Sutherland. But... that meant I got in on a weekend two weeks from when I booked.

    Bathurst is your problem.
  7. I booked mine in early January for mid January. That was for a weekday. Depends where you book. If you don't mind a bit of a trek you can ask for availability at other places. Apparently St Ives gets alot of people sent there.
  8. Im doing my Ps at campbelltown on the 24th, booked it 6 weeks before hand.
  9. I live in Liverpool and had to go down to Unanderra just past wollongong to do mine. Made it a long day, however i was able to warm myself up for the test with a trip down macquarie pass, and was also able to celebrate passing with a quick fang up macquarie pass :twisted:

    Look at the bright side, you'll get to do Bells Line, even if it is at about 6:30 in the morning :LOL:
  10. I'd be writing a letter to the RTA asking for some form of exemption or being allowed to get your license rural style. Pretty harsh to be expected a 3 hour ride in partial dark for a learner to get to a test centre.
  11. Good luck, will be there soon hopefully. You will have to let us know how you go.
  12. Hahah :)
  13. I doubt he'd be allowed 'rural style' when they actually run proper courses where he lives (I'm sure there's one in Bathurst, no?). The excuse 'but it's all booked at the time it suits me' is unlikely to work.
    I would say just try to book one in Sydney, or somewhere further out, and make it a two-day deal. Come down the evening before, stay overnight, do the course the next morning and head back... Yeah, it's a hassle but I think it's still easier than letting your Ls lapse and having to go through the whole thing all over again!

    Edit: for example if you book Penrith, you could stay overnight in the Blue Mountains - plenty of accommodation there, including the Youth Hostel for about 20 bucks a night. Then it's easy ride to Penrith in the morning... and you'll avoid most of the crazed Sydney traffic which is a good thing at any time, but especially on your L's :)
  14. Ring the RTA again ,I had the same trouble booking a P's test and my L's running out.
    I DID re-book a L's test with in the time BEFORE my L's run out.

    I was laughting that I was going to ride to my L's test and even if I failed I would of still had my original L's for 3 more days and I could ride home.
    So It can be booked.
    What the problem is , you would have to wait till your original L's runs out before you take your new {RIDER PASSED}slip from the L's course to the RTA and get a new L 's licence.

    What I was told was re-book the L's test and keep ringing the RTA booking number and people cancel the P's and L's courses all day long ,so I keeped ringing and got a P's test on the 4th try ,and it was only 3 days away till the test.

    So with the $65 L's test I had re-booked ,when i got a P's booking ,I just changed the booking and paid the extra $70 or what ever the price was for a P's test.

  15. I don't know if it's the same in NSW, but the reason no-one in Perth can get a test date in a reasonable timeframe is because there's a whole lot of international students who were booked in all at once, without taking on additional staff to cover the load. I'm not going to say how I know this, but I would suggest writing a letter to your MP to ask why the department can't give you a more reasonable test date. It might encourage them to look at taking on more staff.

    The only date I got to do my test (at the start of last month) was at 7:50am on the wrong side of the city. I had to get up at 5am in time to meet my instructor to ride up there. If I hadn't done that, I'd still be riding a scooter now.
  16. I suppose this could happen in Sydney, but I doubt it would be the case in Bathurst! I suspect the reason for difficulties getting a booking is perfectly simple: interest in riding spiked in recent years, largely due to rising cost of driving and crappy public transport, while the number of courses and instructors is probably the same as it ever was.
    No foreign conspiracy is needed - domestic incompetence is explanation enough.
  17. Well there has been a development in the situation.

    I have been given an exemption on doing the 2 day L's course again but I will need to re-do the L's computer test and pay for that and the license again, (so that the RTA system will accept my P's booking). I will also be booked into the next available local P's test.

    My argument was that it was not safe or practical to travel to the Penrith course. They agreed that it was unreasonable to do so.

    Not a bad result although it seems ridiculous to have to go to this sort of effort to obtain a license safely. I hope the system improves and they realize that they need to devote more resources to what is becoming a more popular transport option. Can you imaging the uproar there would be if there were a 3 month waiting list and a full day course to get a car license?
  18. For My L's test i had to travel to Penrith do to so. (From Bathurst Also)
    And have been ringing up every week to try and book for my P's, although they still do not have the bookings up for when i am going for my P's. So im guessing i will need to make the trek back down sydney way to do it, as they just do not have the instructors required out in these areas..
  19. The trouble is you call the number & its in Sydney somewhere
    They have no idea where half these places are & the distance, especially country towns.

    When ever we need to call RTA I just call the number & ask to be put straight through to the Corowa branch, (as you can no longer call your local branch or office direct . Pain in butt & major hassle)

    Person on other end says 'Corowa ... where is that, where are you located?' :roll:
  20. Justed booked my P's today, the earliest I could get in was Good Friday april 6th, lucky because my licence expires on the 12th.

    Gotta do some serious practice :)