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Trouble booking an advanced course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Jan 19, 2009.

    I'm all booked in, thanks for the replies guys


    If anyone has a recommendation for an advanced course and can't be stuffed reading through my whinge, you are welcome to do so :grin:



    Shalom people,

    Alright i've been trying to book in an advanced course with the California Superbike school at Eastern Creek in Sydney but have been running into a brick wall in the way of customer support.

    Initially i shot off my usual annoying query email and thought for once i'd give them a bit of time to muster over it before firing another.

    So a week later, no reply... so im like stuff this, but i wanted to go with them because i have my heart set on a cornering school (unless you lovely ladies and gentlemen can sway me otherwise). So i go through the process of signing up for it through their silly "add to basket" system and when it comes to the bit where ur meant to pay it has this "out of order" option next to the credit card option so i'm like YES no credit card thinking i could pay on the day....

    So after this it sends me back to the opening page and i await hungrily my confirmation email...

    but alas it did not come.

    So 2 days later i send another email to them asking about this and what exactly "out of order" means.

    Still no reply.

    It's annoying, I know spots fill up quickly and i want to secure my spot at some school that will give me some good grounding skills and build my awesome lean confidence.

    Sorry if this is a dumb post but i'm at a loss and just want to find a good bloody school!

  2. Can't recommend another school up there but i'm not sure if you've heard about this wonderful invention called 'the telephone' where two people can speak from miles apart. Then you'll be able to kill two birds with one stone, book your course AND let them know about your lack of email replies etc.
  3. Agreed. T e h internets has all the answers, but in this case, I think you would be better off calling them.

  4. Pisses me off when places take ages to answer emails. If they receive x emails per day and cannot answer x per day then they will perpetually get behind.

    I'd typically answer an email within 2 hours and these are personal emails, not ones that would potentially make me some money like goods/services enquiries from customers. You'd think they'd have some motivation when hundreds of dollars are involved.

    1 business day is acceptable, 2-3 if they are busy. Any longer and they aren't trying/murdering the "convenience" of email.
  5. Perhaps, but the OP wants to do THIS course. Pick the phone up and give them a call. They are dead friendly and can also answer any questions you might have.
  6. Part of my job requires me to stay in contact with our stores food suppliers. I do this through email, but if I don't get a response within 1 business day I'm on the phone. Tell the person your dilemma so far (sometimes you can encourage them to give you a discount), let them know that you would have appreciated a quicker reply, and don't hang up the phone until have what you want.
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  9. Perhaps the OP DID call but wanting to see things in writing was hoping for an internet option.

    Tried calling the office all of last week and finally had them get back to me yesterday afternoon as the receptionist was off last week.

    You'd think they'd put a bloody fill in at the office! :mad:

    All good though, i'm booked in and ready to go now.

  10. N4R, I totally understand. But surely, when you can't get a response from a website, then a phone call is the next best thing?

    Although I love doing internet bookings, for important things I really like the telephone.

    Glad it all worked out anyway.
  11. the people at CSS are usually helpful, as Ive experienced.
    They replied my emails promptly, and when I asked for a copy of E-Creek track layout that they used in the classroom, they did sent me one.

    and they're good school too! enjoy! :grin: