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Tropical gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NJS, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Seeking advice from those that live north of the toc. Am looking at all options and everyone here seems to think leathers are the best. Has anyone got experience wearing leather jackets in the tropics? Am considering the r'jays eve or dr climate control 2 teamed with klegs + armour. Will look at tex pants when back in shorts. Any better ideas?

  2. Dont know about Leathers but when we lived in Darwin we rode in Dririder mesh jackets and Draggin jeans

    I just wasnt game enough to go the leathers :LOL:

  3. I wear a ixon superduty jacket it,s textile with leather zipoff arms.It also has a zipout liner for winter (only 25 today. freezing!)I wear icon denims aswell .Both of these items have been crash tested and stood up very well :oops: Way to hot & humid in summer for full leathers but people do wear them up here.
  4. Hey Noxman, great to see you on board. Go say hello in the Welcome Lounge and tells us some more about you.

    How do you find the riding in FNQ?
  5. cejay this is the best time of year for riding up here .usually no rain 24 to25c during the days .I can be riding a nice twisty range road north or south of me within 20 min eather way. Ride to port also popular .Heaps of good roads on the Atherton tablelands.But riding in wet season is crap rain is measured in MTR's :shock: when it rains up here you drive your caror drown. lets not hijack this thread but. :)
  6. Hijack away! I was in Port a few weeks back and Liz and I are trying to work a way up to FNQ (for good). I've spent time up there in the wet season and know how crap it is, but the attraction is still there!
  7. I wear a dririder jacket for around town riding. When I head up the ranges I always wear leathers. I found once you got used to leathers they aren't too hot although mine are perforated. I am also seriously considering upgrading my dririder to a leather jacket. If you want the best protection then just go leather as you will get used to them fairly quick.

    Cejay, what do you and your missus do? Plenty of good paying jobs up here!
  8. Liz is a teacher and I work in IT, experienced in system implementations, support, servers, networks etc...Microsoft OS based.

    It's a serious consideration and we're both pretty keen, but it's a lot easier to talk about than do!

    We both love the area though, it's so different from Melbourne.
  9. Sorry but no. There are too many bloody Victorians up here already.
  10. HAHA :LOL:

    I guess the same could be said for QLDers
    I know a few (myself included) who have migrated south

    wish I was back on home turf though (FNQ) teach me to marry a southerner

    All I can suggest to OP is even trying them on in the store might give you a feel too, but you might feel better pulling liners out like I did with the dririder


  11. Yeah, I think at the end of the day, it will be like the bike. Try them on and see what fit's best. 11 days and counting till test day.