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Trooper Lu

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by iClint, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Has anyone else noticed the Trooper Lu store signage, they were a "boutique" shop, selling triumph, MV, Husqvarna etc. Now they stock Yamaha and this is what the signage looks like now (sorry no pic)

    Y A M A H A


    The "Yamaha" is emblazoned across the roof of the building, the other brands are little signs just above the dumpsters on the side of the wall on the corner of the building.

    I just thought it was a little unusual, and was wondering whether it was their choice or Yamaha's
  2. Hi Guys - Just stumbled across this re Yamaha. Yamaha does state the signage you get. The other part is they pay for it! Other makes make us pay for it. We just could not make the boutique makes - as a stand alone business work, warranty, parts supply, diagnostic support all made it very very very very labour intensive and the importers don't really like to put their hands in their pocket too much, also when you have poor parts supply and these issues it starts to reflect on the shop yet many of the issues we simply cannot control - like parts etc - which annoys the crap out of us as it affects the customers experience when they parts take forever etc. . SO we had to look for something stable to maintain the business. So in Japanese bikes we felt Yamaha was the best ( just personal choice and I am obsessed with the vmax!) So very very very much still doing the boutique work, we have a few customs in the shop at present, still doing more suspension then ever, to a point we had to stop advertising re the suspension as we were getting overloaded. HOPEFULLY the boutique side will stay boutique and we are doing some cool project bikes like an XJR1300 flat tracker and awaiting the SR400 which will be awesome. Any way I hope that answers the above question. Thanks J
  3. Thank's for the reply, I'm a local and was watching as the signage went up have been watching the works over the last few months.

    I was excited to see you guys take on the Yamaha brand since the last local dealer closed up.

    I've had some poor experiences in store with you guys, but am keen to buy a new bike and its probably going to be a yamaha, hers hoping when I come in I'm not ignored and left to walk out as I'd rather not go to Campbeltown or Parrmatta
  4. Mate I hope so too!!! One of my biggest challenges is staff!!! Low margin = low pay = ? But Simone (my wife) and I are usually here floating around somewhere. I will happily say openly - we are not perfect - but trust me if we here of something wrong we address it. Hard part is - I don't tolerate poor staff - once I see the behaviour I jump on it - then people go around saying I am hard on staff. !! So hard one. BUT again I put this out openly - my personal email is Justin@trooperlu.com.au and I always welcome constructive (ie not abusive!) criticism. As nothing worse then being left waiting or ignored etc etc . We also still refuse to take short custs - eg we only use genuine oil filters in the bikes we service (of themakes we sell) which are a lot more money, we only use High end oils in the workshop, etc etc so this is the part that my staff should be telling people and showing them. So you know the other thing with Yamaha is that it has made more `qualified' people approach us who would not work at a shop that did just small makes - now with Yamaha we have already secured 3-4 new staff with a lot more skills and experience. So this is helping also. Feel free to email me your experiences, some of these issues may have been addressed but if not I am ALWAYS ALWAYS keen to hear to good and the bad and assess it. I genuinely appreciate your response. J
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    As a local business owner I know all to well about staff problems, I'd like to support you guys.

    the one issue I had was dealt with in store at the time but left me feeling uneasy. (I was sold a second hand tyre as new)

    My only other complaint is on a few occasions I have come in I have had some pretty ordinary customer service. Staff arguing among themselves using some pretty ordinary language (I'm no angle myself but i would never swear in front of my customers, and would never say "you will be eating my dick in a minute..." either), personal conversations that just seem to go on and on while I stand their with a can of chainlube and cash in my hand.

    And as much as I appreciate a good wheelie a couple weeks ago as a waited to turn onto heathcoat from church road one of your staff coming in to open up (about 7:45am) was pulling a wheelie all the way down heathcoat road at about 100km/h in his trooper Lu shirt (black Triple). made me think to myself "Hmmm if i put my bike in for some work, is this guy then going to flog it on a test ride?"
  6. Mate really valid points. We had one guy here - I remember the tyre issue and I remember the staff member well - he now works at another shop in C/town another Yamaha dealer (Customer Service is his role there!). His Language was TERRIBLE and as a result over this a few other issues - eg those personal conversations (WAY WAY WAY INNAPPROPRIATE) he was terminated from here - some really poor behaviour! The wheelie at that time of day I know the culprit - It was not a customer bike I know that and they guys would be SACKED on the spot - but this particular guy is going to wheelie school every weekend! He is obsessed with Wheelies! He is actually one of our really good long term guys. HE is really customer focused and as stated would never use customer bike (as you mentioned it was 7.45am) - but he just loves wheelies for some reason! I will chat to him about `perceptions' and the shirt issue! But we cant tell them what to do out of hours of course. j
  7. Wheelies are awsome, all the best trooper
  8. To add some balance, I've gotten a couple of pretty good deals on 2 helmet purchases, had some Motul products recommend that turned out to be great and I now use.

    I saw you (pretty sure it was you) playing hockey with your kids outside the store the other day while I was fuelling up to go for a ride one afternoon, which was good image as I really like the idea of family run.

    I'll pop in to check out the mezzanine and the Yamaha range shortly.

    Maybe tell your guy to cover up the work shirt if he's gonna stunt on his way to and from work.
  9. Yeah that was me!! We love Ice Hockey and Trooper Plays. SO we do pretty long days here - eg 5.30am start today! So when the kids come I like to stop and play wit them for a bit, they do get into some trouble around the shop though little rascals. It is why I am big on appropriate behaviour as my kids need to see good examples around them. Other then that I try to stay back of house and focus on the tech side and the workshop and training at present. I genuinely can say that the current staff set up is really good - not perfect never is! But genuinely I would have them at my house and regard them all as honest decent people. Thanks again mate and as stated - we are always around so any issues let me know. I think people also forget - we actually started only 3 years ago and I have had to fund the growth only off what we make and my own money - no other shop has emerged as a totally` new business' in the industry for many many years that is not - handed Father to Son, Bought buy a larger group, bought an existing shop. We are 100% ground up new - this brings some great new concepts - but also brings with it a range of learning as we go! I still love it - I rode a vmax to work today and man I just smiled the whole way in - yeah we work hard - but it is ours and we ride bikes and we meet cool people. Thanks again. I usually don't get onto forums - just saw this one as I was looking this morning. So off to open up now and get the whip cracking! j
  10. On Two Wheels?
  11. Matey don't stop your 'boutique' work. I am the proud owner of a one in a mill bike courtesy TLG ! Hear what you're saying about the company support, but don't lose your identity. Cheers
  12. PS thanks for the response about the signage... its probably a pretty silly observation, but it had me thinking.

    Interesting to know Yamaha pays for the signage.

    To be honest You were a little hidden behind the servo, but you'd have to blind to miss the store now.
  13. I had my bike serviced there last weekend and it's now running better than ever. They also did a bit of work on it and the results were more than what I was hoping for. I'm very happy with the service and the attention to detail from the mechanics. Nathan is a top bloke.

    I was a bit surprised when I saw so many Yamahas there, a lot has changed since my last visit. The Vmax is a beast, I sat on the one at the shop but was too scared to take it off the stand because it looked like it weighed a tonne. It was good to get a good look at the MT-09 and Bolt as well, two bikes I've been interested in.
  14. Hi All,

    I just wanted to give a recommendation to Trooper Lu's. Needed a new tyre for the rear and wanted to get the Pirelli Angel GT. Called Trooper Lu's they had one on the shelf and offered to fit it that day. Tyre was priced well and fitting was for free... how good is that!

    Dropped my bike in, had a look around and a chat with the staff, who were very friendly. Tyre was fitted fast and I was on my way in less that 1hr. As I was paying they offered offered to do my 12k service for a great price and it won't affect my warranty and they use genuine parts.

    I was really impressed with my experience, that coupled by the difference the new Tyre has made to the handling of my bike have made me a very happy man. Would definatly recomend Trooper Lu's!

    Has anyone else had similar experiences? Just thought I would give credit where credit was due.
  15. Hmmm ... might head over to Trooper Lu's for my first bike ....
  16. Got a Shark helmet on sale for $100 on Sunday - nice black matte colour.
    Kept thinking I should of bought a 2nd Paddock stand for $50 though as it was a good deal but let it go...
    Overall a good experience, I didn't check the strap on the helmet though and its slightly different but all in all still a nice lid and a happy customer!
  17. A guy named "Christo?" I think showed us their white MT-07 with some aftermarket bits and it sounded amazing.. just about turned me off sport bikes and onto nakeds...
    Friendliest guy too, you could just tell how much he loved those machines by his huge smile even in the heat =]
  18. Headed in there today. They didn't have what I was looking for but couldn't have been more helpful.

    btw, is it wrong that I fell in love with a couple of Triumphs while I was wandering around?

    The search continues ...
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  19. Can't go wrong with a Triumph. Daytona 675, Street Triple or Speed Triple - all bloody awesome bikes.
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