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TRON wheels for everyone

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Takamii, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. okay so here is a different way to make your bike into a lightcycle

    its easier than the led system I am doing and also a lot cheaper

    I think it looks okay as well but I prefer the led system I am using as it allows effects etc

    I still believe the safety aspect of it for motorcycles at night is great

    As I said its okay easier and cheaper - I still prefer the led system though which I am using as it gives that "glow"

  2. Yes indeed: damn your obsession!
    (Mostly because I've seen this stuff so many times now, I'm starting to like it myself!)
  3. That's pretty cool. Looks like they're using some sort of luminescing material on the wheel and a UV light to charge it? *googles*

    Thanks for sharing; I'll file it away here at work in case it's useful in the future for 'us'. :)
  4. come to the dark side - we have awesome kevlar and carbon fibre and blingy stuff
  5. No problem - netrider people and admin have always been good to me - all you guys helped get my business of the ground and slowly its growing - I like to give back and share where I can
  6. I want one. I liked the LED's, but they're a bit bright for my taste.
  7. Don't know if you've seen this site Takamii, but I came across it searching for LEd indicators, they have some interesting stuff you might be into...

  8. MV - take a look at these great LED indicators

    they are machined from billet aloy and cost about $100 a pair
  9. They look pretty flash :)

    I've organised some stuff from here: http://www.lights4all.com/

    It's a bit pricey, but they have parts for my bike which is rare, namely the integrated LED taillight.
  10. Is it legal in Australia? ... is the question :)
  11. Probably not
  12. Americans have all the fun :( .... Tempted to ask the local cop shop, that is the most wicked thing I have ever seen. Im still buzzing from watching Tron months ago.
  13. So I can't actually see the YouTube clips because iPhones are cool, but I'm going to assume it's the lunasee system, I remember seeing you post the videos before. I actually emailed then and they wouldn't tell me about shipping to aus, only saying that they were 'expanding their distribution network' within the next 12 months. I told him that it would be good advertising to let me buy a pair, and that I would review them for our forums here... To which I am yet to receive a reply.

    Anyone know how else to get them?
  14. "Sorry mate I didn't see you there" "Dude there is NO WAY you didn't see me, my bike is lit up like a freaken christmas tree!!"

    I have also dropped them a line, stating that I am from Australia, am interested in getting one and how much it costs, how much power in watts the system draws and if they have/can make one in red.

    I actually prefer this system to LEDs - aside from the easier installation, it is MUCH less obnoxious and is much smoother looking.
  15. Will post tonight but I may start offering my own kit can be done in green,yellow green and blue green
  16. i've got some mates in the states... i might get them to order one for me and then just get them to send it over hehe
  17. Not red? :(
  18. I'd sorta like red too haha.
    I was going to do light blue trim (white bike), but since my jacket has red on it, I've been considering doing red trim. Also my rear shocker is red haha.
  19. I just want the gothic red and black look on my bike
  20. if you need someone to 'test' it I'm your man hehe ;)