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Tron Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. I think I might have a go at making a copy of this jacket with built in guantlets and all

    I think I can get it about 85% the same

    Am I the only guy who isnt that homophobic that it wouldnt concern me wearing it ?

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  2. I'd seriously consider rocking that, but I'm not in shape enough to back up the awesomeness of it underneath
  3. hmmmmmmmmmm

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  4. ]If you were going to go to that much effort, you may as well put fake abs and pecs on it too like Batman

  5. :)
    thanks bro but I dont need fake abs

    plus starts to get to complex in construction

    appreciate the feedback
  6. Hope you are going to make it light up.
  7. hmm that could be done easy I reckon Geeth, Guess I better get to the gym :p
  8. Gym? No, ML should just design it better at hiding beer guts.
  9. what about making a helmet like that first picture

    very lol - make it even bigger infact
  10. this is the back

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  11. nolan already do - seen the size of their flip face
  12. well, my brother in law works for a big clothing manufacturing group(Well its part of their business) And some of the Reflective, and glowing products that are available would give that look dead set easy. 3M have some awesome gear. otherwise some neon lines integrated into it, and a small power source that's rechargeable via induction and voila!

    *runs away to see if he can patent it....*
  13. i wouldn't use the word cool to try and describe an average joe trying to pull off a certain look...


    maybe douchebag...
  14. I drew up the diagrams last night , have found the battery powered el wire and scotchlite material as well

    I think I will get started on it next week

    ( just need to get back into shape first as per below which will take about 12 weeks )

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  15. Are you showing us a glimpse into the future perhaps?

    My background is I'm a tech spaz so i expect to get hammered on the details, but isn't there technology in the pipeworks where nano threads can be flexible during normal use and become solid when impacted? or something along those lines anyway....

    Add your ideas to that and throw in a Bemmo electric bike, and riding bikes in the future is going to be wicked fun.

    I want a mood suit that turns red right before I'm about to kick a mirror off.

  16. I have heard of the nano threads as well chef - they are looking at it for military uniforms bullet proof vests etc , and yes I like to look 5 years in advance - I may not be that good at it but with practice I hope to trail blaze so to speak, rather than just copy

    I have plans drawn up for inbuilt cameras with inbuilt usb ports etc , head up display etc for my helmets for example.

    There is also a gel available that when a raw egg was dropped from 22 meter height onto a 2cm thick gel pad it did not break - looking at that as well

  17. Amazing stuff.

    Loz showed me another gel that when inert it remains pliable, but when impacted it goes solid. It had the consistency of thick goop until you hit it with something.

    Loz wanted me to rub it on myself but I refused.

    ...and on that note, I'm looking forward to your range for woman riders. ;)

  18. Could you please direct me to this ge chef --- my head is now buzzing with ideas at the mention of it

    as for womens outfits - its very hard to do as I need to find a female designer who understand s womens shapes and tatses etc - for a male its pretty easy as generally we are three body shapes round, muscular, skinny
  19. http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/en/wo.jsp?wo=1993016866

    I read about this stuff ages ago, took some searching to find. Basically when you apply an electrical current to it, it Hardens. Now I have no idea what became of it, but there was talk of using it to utilize as an emergency brace, among other things. Would of been a nice product to create an impact protecting Exo-skeleton. Single use though.

  20. Thank you Thera