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Tron Bike - $55k of geeky street legal kinda-awesomeness

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by PhilC, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Tronbike.


    "They are street legal (Presumably in the UK/US), they have electroluminescent strips and they're powered by a fuel-injected Suzuki 996cc bike engine..."

    Does it come with the helmet?
  2. ... kinda want
  3. good luck doing a uey on one of those things
  4. trade ins ?
  5. imagine - trading in one of these things to a dealer in melbourne for a hayabusa and them having to pay YOU
  6. $55k is not all that much for a rare bike. A Ducati 1198 R Corse edition is $60k, there are a lot of Choppers around that sort of $. Some of those orange county choppers were $100k +.

  7. Looks uncomfortable, I'll love to see it do the U-turn in the P's test :-k
  8. many will buy them just to be able to resell them at a substantial profit actually.
    but good luck finding new tires when you need some.
  9. im pretty sure i need one actaully
  10. dreams can come true!! IF you have the cashola!!
  11. I would put it straight in the pool room
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    Personally, i'd go for the modified Ducati sports classic from the beginning of the movie (now out of commission!):

    [URL="]Ducati 1000 Sports Tron Legacy[/URL]