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trivia revisited

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Netrider Quiz.

    Name a banned ex-Netrider who used to work for an insurance company......

  2. Netrider Quiz == Netrider Triva

    could not claim to know the answer, ;)

    do you reckon it might be contained within Netrider Triva :?:
  3. ppffftttttt what i said dont make sence now
  4. Its too bad such a lively member is now forgotten.

    I liked Kishy's posts. Used to stir up some interesting debate.
  5. Winner gets a prize or do they get to ask the next Q? :dance:
  6. i think in fairness the winner gets to ask the next netrider trivia question.
    in this case, there was no CLEAR winner, so fire away MG :grin:
  7. Is there a thread which has names of all the banned members?
  8. we are used to that from you though!

  9. ummm Rodney Adler ?
    username - RodA ???
  10. nobby's woman?

    seany's woman?

    hmm, i know this one! just cant remember her man's username.

  11. Whoever removed this series of posts from the thread to which is originally belonged failed completely to understand the intent of my original post, and has created a totally irrelevant thread.....

    Folks, don't post here. it means nothing..... :roll:
  12. That won't stop them, Paul.