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Trivia - Fuel cap on you car

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Huthy, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. OK... small things amuse small minds... guilt as charged.

    Someone told me the other day that, when you look in your dash at the little bowser on your fuel gauge, the side that the hose is on the bowser, is the side that the filler cap is on the car.

    So... now I am suffering from OCD, as everytime I get in a different car, I have to verify that it is true, and not a urban myth.

    So far... IT WORKS!!!

    So if you ever need to put fuel in a foreign car, and you don't know which side the filler cap is on (when you are sitting in it of course)... now you do.

    As I said at the start... small things... but I thought it was a cool piece of trivia.

    I can't find the filler cap on the right hand side of my Fazer though.....
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  3. DOH!! Sorry.... I did a search... but missed it...

    Thanks for confirming it though... my OCD may disappear now.
  4. And it wouldn't work on my Jaguar or my landrover - both have twin tanks with a filler on each side!
  5. Are they linked or do you have to fill each from it's own filler?
  6. ...or my old Torana. Fuel tank filler was behind the rear number plate. :p
  7. I'm sure I read this on Snopes ages back and its a load of BS.
  8. My own observations (small sample size) show it to hold good. Could easily be coincidence though.

    Rented a Corolla last year which actually had a little arrow on the dash pointing to the fuel filler side. Very handy, though the missus still managed to get it wrong at least once.
  9. 1960s Mini Cooper S had dual tanks, one on each side, too.
  10. Almost like the fact that most cars will have the exhaust (if single muffler) on the opposite side to the fuel cap. I thought this was true until our last commodore broke the rule.
  11. Jags at least, one tank, one filler.
    Teh amoutn if times I got filthy loks from people queued up behind me, thinking I was finished fuelling up as I closed one filler cap, then moved to teh otehr side to start again!
    And 90 litres of fuel takes some time to pump as well! :LOL:

    Sucks to be impatient!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. hmmm, so i should only fill the cbr1000f from the left hand side then? :?
  13. No Joel. It should be turned upside down, and filled from underneath.
  14. my bike doesnt have a fuel gauge..what does this mean???? :eek:hno:
  15. Andrew gets it right (although more modern Jags have a single tank!)

    One filler per tank, and my 65 S-type takes 70 litres all up. Same with the Landy (although you can get a third tank in if need to go round the block more than once!) That takes 140 litres (or 200 for those with 3 tanks). With the Landy I used to park in the middle between 2 sets of pumps and fill both at the same time.

    Jags also get 2 switchable SU fuel pumps. Just so you can't be sure of either working! :shock:
  16. Jebus, imagine how much 90 litres of petrol would cost back in the ol' dart! (just looked it up, about 107 pence per litre for unleaded!).
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