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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Kelz, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Greetings fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.
    I'm rather fresh to Netrider and would like to introduce myself; I am Kelz from Cootamundra. I have been licenced for four years, grew up around British bikes, learnt to ride as a youngster on Ag bikes and posti scooters...
    I currently ride a Honda Hornet 6 and am considering purchasing my first Triumph. The main reason I am here is to seek your advice, receive feedback, and to listen to opinion. I want knowledge and I aim to grow and expand on the two wheel experience...
    The bike I am seriously looking at is a 97 Thunderbird 900. Please point me in a direction to gain as much information on this machine as possible...
    Ride safe, Kelz.

  2. Welcome to NR Kelz,
    Interesting choice of bike. I test rode a few of them back in the day and they seemed like pretty solid pieces of engineering, although I never owned a 900 (T3) model.
    They still look good. You'll probably find some info at triumphtorque if you dig.
  3. As a Triumph rider (albeit not a classic bike like the Thunderbird), you can't go wrong with one.

    Welcome to Netrider.
  4. welcome aboard :)
    good luck getting your bike of choice.
  5. Ok, cheers titus.
    Haven't been able to test ride, as bike is in Sydney.
    A little bit concerned about weight and height. Handling?
    Have been told that they're top heavy. IM 5'8", 70kg...
    The look of this bike gives me a woody and I know it will hold its value.
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  6. Welcome mate :cool:
  7. Well, they are not lightweight at 220kg dry. But it depends what you are it comparing to. It's almost a cruiser in riding position so if you look at most other cruisers it's pretty light, fairly grunty, and decent handling.
    But if you're comparing to modern retro nakeds you could say it's a bit porky.
    There was also a 900 Thunderbird Sport that went and handled a bit better than the regular T bird. Rare now.
  8. gday KelzKelz and welcome to NR - plenty of members here drooling over the Thruxtons so you'll have plenty to keep you interested on the these boards.
  9. Welcome to the forum mate. Glad to see you found the welcome thread!
  10. Awesome chilliman64, yeah, the Thruxton really caught my eye but lead me on to discovering the Tbird... So glad to be here mate.
    Oh, you are a chilli connoisseur or just namesake?
  11. Thanks GeorgO:)
  12. hi mate - yes KelzKelz a fan of hot chillies, I do grow a few - based on your occupation I'm guessing you may dabble in them also...

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  13. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  14. GeorgeO
  15. Shit yes chilliman64chilliman64
    Make a pretty mean sauce too. Always happy to chat chill.
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  16. Cheers EricEric...
  17. titustitus, the Hornet which I'd be upgrading from comes in at around 180kg, it's more of a sport/cruiser and I expect that I wouldn't be able to throw the T3 around as easily. But who knows with a bit of experience? If I confirm this sale, I'd be riding the Triumph back to Coota from Sydney. My guess is that the ride won't be drastically different from the Hornet6?
  18. no worries mate
  19. Hornet 6 is a pretty agile bike. This thing will will feel a lot more stable and a bit slower to react.
    I think possibly the biggest change may be in riding position, although the specs don't suggest it's all that different. I just seem to recall it being more feet-forward and arms-up than what I had been used to. Not a problem, just a different style - more laid back.
    I do think they look better than the subsequent twin models.
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    Welcome KelzKelz.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the weight of the T bird, I'm the same size as you & I've returned to
    riding, after a very long break, on a Harley Sportster which runs about 260 KG ready to roll & I've had
    no problems at all with the weight.

    That's a great, classic bike you have picked, good choice!

    ' If I confirm this sale, I'd be riding the Triumph back to Coota from Sydney. My guess is that the ride won't be drastically different from the Hornet6?'

    Yes it will, you will look a lot cooler! :cool: