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Triumph Warranty

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by chana74, May 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I am due for my 1000k service and I was wondering what happens if I do not get my Street Triple serviced by an authorised Thriumph Dealer. Is my warranty void? Is there any benefits on paying the extra cash to get it done by them.

    I rang a few dealer and they were not straight forward in their answer and some advise against it (obviosly)

  2. This topics been around a few times.

    Basically they can't force you to do it. It just has to be a lisenced mechanic.

    Though with the first service I'd be temped to take it back to the place of purchase.
  3. The law says that any licenced mechanic can maintain your STANDARD factory warranty.


    if you have EXTENDED warranty you will probably have to get it
    serviced by the dealer.

    genuine dealers may fix extra stuff that your local mechanic doesn't
    know about, such as minor recalls, reprogram fuel injection with
    the latest software, etc etc.
  4. It used to be the case (say six or seven years ago) that a lot of jobs on Triumphs needed special (and overpriced) tools to do properly. Your average workshop would not have these tools, and might bodge the job or not do it at all. I don't know if that's true on current models, but I'd still try and find someone who does lots of work on Triumphs just to be on the safe side.
  5. On a slightly related topic...

    Do triumphs use metric or imperial sized tools?

    I know my dads 1970's triumph uses imperial tools. What about the new ones. And in particular the Daytona 675
  6. I think the UK went 'officially' metric in the mid-70s (?). At any rate the manual for the Daytona and Street 675 has metric only measurements...

    EDIT: and here's a link to if you're interested...
  7. Yes I guess with the computer management stuff I would expect that the Dealers would have the last laugh there as they would get all the latest updates etc.

    It may pay to go to the dealer for at least the first and 2nd services. Triumph should have ironed out all the bugs (if any) by then.

    Yes and Triumph do use metric now.
  8. This was certainly the case closer to ten years ago, in my experience, and they wouldn't sell you the tools either... :roll:
  9. any licenced mechanic can do the major services so long as they use genuine Triumph parts and the recomended oils... make sure you keep all receipts for the parts.