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Triumph TT600 Naked? Is it streetfightered or production?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by coylesolid, May 10, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm a longtime trawler first time poster. I've been riding for a few months on an old 93 fzr600 and am looking at getting a new bike.

    I've seen this bike I like the look of


    I've searched google trying to find history of a 2002 tt600 naked bike but only found the SpeedFour. The Speed Four however looks alot different to this, and I was wondering if this is just a standard faired TT with the fairing removed?

    If this is the case it probably means its been in an accident so they removed the fairing, and is 4900 a decent price in either case?

    Thanks in advance for any help guys!!

  2. Is it just me or is it strange that there is no front on pictures at all?
  3. Yup this looks like a streetfightered TT600 which used to have a fairing. I'd suspect that it has been crashed at some stage - but don't let that bother you if the price is right and it looks like the sort of thing you'd be interested in.

    Just keep in mind that the early TT600s have a reputation for being snatchy and peaky with power.

    $4900 would seem OK for a bike with such low mileage, but if it were me I'd move on and keep looking.
  4. The speed 4 had twin bug eye speed triple style headlights and funny looking extensions to the air intakes through the frame spars. I reckon 4900 is prob a reasonable price for this, as long as you are looking for a naked/streetfighter. Its only got 19,000 kays, not bad at all. They do have a reputation for being pretty snatchy (first gen fuel injection) but apparently downloading a newer map helps heaps.
  5. thanks a bundle fellas for the advice! does anyone have a TT600 and recommend/hate it?
  6. I've read numerous articles over the years passing them off as one of the worst sport bikes ever built. I wouldn't be rushing to get one.
    Look Jap or throw a bit more coin together and get the street triple
  7. Hey mate, love Triumphs, great choice of brand but not too sure about the model. Read up on alot of the info when my boy bought an 05 Daytona 600, now that's one I can recommend. Although a little more pricey the rise in quality was huge. There was alot of disapointment with the TT600 when it came out.

    Check these out, may give you an idea on the difference in quality between the old and new Triumphs against the Japs.


  8. Spend a bit more and get a Daytona 600. Much better bike - recently rated the best handling bike around. Top stuff.

    They are wicked until you chuck em down a cliff...
  9. There are only a couple of problems with the TT600;
    - very poor bottom end power on the early ones. Remedied to a reasonable extent by '02. Later mapping is better still ((easily updated). But still not quite up with the japs power wise.
    - excellent handling and suspension when new, but have been known to go soft a bit early. 19k is not many, so it may still be good for a while yet. You can rebuild if necessary.

    If you have the resources to have it tuned to Speed 4 spec, (cam work and mapping, mostly) you would have much better midrange with hardly any decrease in top end.
    You would be lucky to get an equivalent jap bike (size, k's, year) at this price.
  10. Seems to be quite complimentary.
  11. Taken in context...
    It's MCN, the biking equivalent of New Idea or Womans Day.
    And overly patriotic to boot.
    Even the 2002 was down on power from the Japs and substantially heavier.

    Have a bit of a wander through Triumph rat and you'll see quite a few with problems ranging from build quality niggles to engine carking it.