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Triumph TT600 Chain wearguard replacement.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I'm writing this guide because of my need to save money and a common defect in all TT6's D6's D650' and speed fours, The WEAR GUARD IS CRAP. I decided to change the wearguard myself because of the expensive cost of labour on Triumph motorcycles.

    It all started last month I was cleaning the chain on my TT6 and was supprised to find that the chain was being buffed off on the bottom lobes. Upon closer inspetction I found the chain guard had worn through and chainsawing the swingarm!. :facepalm:

    I rang triumph to get a replacement:
    $70 for the guard :mad:
    2hrs labour at $75 and hour! :evil:
    =$220 fitted! :shock:

    Now I'm half scottish and like my dad a bit tight with money, and 2hrs labour seemed like far to long. After looking at the owners manual the replacement of the chain wearguard requires the removal of the swingarm! Breaking of the chain to get the swing arm off etc... bollocks!

    So I came to the conclusion even if I stuffed it up I was going to have to pay for it anyway! So why not have a go. This guide should be good for all TT6's D6' and speed fours...

    first the bike!
    yellow like the non existant sun in hobart.

    The tools
    The standard trumpy kit... some honda cbr6 kit and the swiss army knife dicksmith mini kit.

    Tight @rse paddock stand!
    dont laugh it work so so well and everyones dad has a pair

    Additional tools:
    well you could just use the bike tools but when at home safe and dry use extras.... oh teh torque is for anything that goes into alu.

    Cleaners lube and toothbrush
    definatley not for cleaning teeth... sprockets maybe but not teeth.

    First put on your hand brake, postie rubber bands are good but when you havent had any mail for a while this will do:
    its very simple but with the back wheel off and nothing in gear whats going to stop you baby moving?

    this is teh are we need to get into... Take off the side fairing, sprocket cover, select neutral and then take off the shifter as well. Take the chain guard bolt out you will notice the one on the outside edge also locates the chain guard! cheap 1 bolt! Then with a friend lift your bike onto the stands. Losen the chain, if you havent done this before please look at you manual I'm not going to describe how to adjust your chain there is a great how to chain tutorial here:


    With it all off it should look like this:

    This is the guard here:

    Its in a bad spot isn't it? here is the new to show you how bad it is:

    I took the wheel off just so I could get more room to move. Its worth teh hastle trust me. Spray tha area with WD40 CRC or in my case chain oil... after you read the reports of what crc and wd do to chains never again. Now slide the old chain guard back and notice how it catches on the mounting stud and across the top and bottom of the "prongs". With a little force it should be easiest to take the top off first then slide it back along the swing arm. The reverse is what you have to do to get the new one on...

    This is with it off:

    here are in an images of how badly worn the chain guard was:

    plus some damage to the swing arm:

    ............................................................ cr@p bloody wearguard.. why couldnt they make it harder and or from a more durable material??????

    Before reasembly take teh chain off the front sprocket and slide it across teh swing arm out of the way! you need as much free room as possible. I stuck the new wearguard in some hot water (not boiling christ some people are dumb), It seems to be a hdpe or hard ruberised plastic which "softens". Lube up the now clean swingarm with some HTB grease and wait. Have a coffee It took me 45mins to get to this stage.

    definatley not from hudsons.

    Once your convinced that the chain guard is soft get your firnd and explain this to them you are going to:

    1: Lift the left side of the bike. Lift from metal ONLY!!!!
    2: Lift form metal only! :roll:
    3: Lower the bike onto the stand and Wait!
    4: Carefuly lean on the bike until I say Stop.
    5: Make me a coffee or get me a beer. :wink:

    Once you convinced you have them schooled on what to do this is what you have to do quickly as the plastic is cooling and will be a cow hard.

    1: when the bike is lifted slide the guard on and force the top on as far as you can.
    2: Use a screw driver to lever the guard over the mounting hole, its a knob of metal on the side of the swing arm that locates the chain guard. and push the bottom part of the guard flat with the frame.
    3: Tell you friend to lean on the bike. This causes the swingarm to piviot and increase the gap for you to slide the bottom through and around teh swing arm piviot.
    4: tell lazy to get off and get you a beer

    Once done it should look like this:

    you may have to have acouple of attempts to get this right. It took me 3 attempts but by that stage we were fast at getting the guard on. While having a drink put the chain back on, wheel, tighten chain and check that the chain flow smoothly over the new guard... once satisfied reassemble you bike... Take the bike off the stand carefuly and finaly remove the handbrake. your done! :applause:

    So if you get this right you will have saved between $100 and $150 of labour... so you may have to have a bbq and or go for a ride to celebrate.

    oh problems for the next How to:
    badly worn sprocket and a half dead chain!!! the next diy.

    Safe riding pplz... :)
  2. hi ward-4e

    just did the same job

    i remove swing arm, it then fit in easy

    did job in about 2 hours,
  3. I've been listening to T595.net and triumphrat.cnet guys complain about it for ages... After reading the manual this looked a lot simpler.

    How long have you had your tt6?
  4. i had it for 1 year now

    it had done 67000 ks
    now it done 78000 ks

    just had map done as well
  5. Nice... I've had mine since 34000 its up to 44000... and i'm loving it. Just recenly had the IAC valve cleaned and checked, throttle bodies balances and teh new tune... mm sweet sounding bike.

    Now All I have to do is get the valve shims done!!!