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Triumph TT 600 LAMS?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Meko, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Is it LAMS legal or not? My husband wants one. People are advertising them as LAMS but his learner instructor said they weren't.

  2. This is from vicroads website, you should be able to find similar
    TRIUMPH All pre 1984 up to 660cc
    Street Triple 660
  3. And I tellya, after seeing a couple of shiny new Triumphs at today's learners meet, I now see why they're so popular! Very nice on the eye
  4. Thanks guys but I'm still confused. Did you upload a link that I can't see Jeffco? I'm in NSW but I guess LAMS is a national thing?

    Were learners riding the TT 600 Simmo W? He specifically wants a 2002 one.
  5. tt600 is more modern. Lovely design, a bit heavy, questionable electrics, and rare to find for sale. I've ridden one, and would buy one if one came up as it is on my list of yep bikes if reasonable. Is it LAMS? I am not sure. I don't specifically see it, and I assume it would be over the power ratio. It's successor isn't on the list either. And IIRC in NSW if it's not on the list, its not LAMS....

    Happy to be proven wrong.

    or you could call them and ask direct, if they say it's LAMS get a hard copy.
  6. image.

    It's there, but only 2014 model
  7. Sorry about that, I was looking at the st659. Never mind.

    But yeah, if it's not on the list its not learner legal...
  8. Thanks heaps, that's really good info. I've Googled all over but all I can find are others asking the same question.

    My Benelli 300 isn't on the list but it will be when they update the list.

    Looks like I'll have to give them a call.

    One more question, is the power to weight ratio the hp per kilo times the weight of the bike (110hp) or do you have to add the weight of the rider? If the rider weight is added it's 140 for me and 170 for him.
  9. image.

    This is for WA and I assume is standard across au (except for act, their lams is slightly different), but as it states, you can't work out the ratio and ride whichever bike fits the formula - it has to be on the list to be legal.
  10. I guess you could do the calculation and question why said bike isn't on the list? But if you're on your L's you're stuck on a bike that's on that list
  11. Did the calculation (I think) and if I've worked it out correctly it's over 290, so no way.

    He says he's still buying it if it already has LAMS rego.

    Thanks for your help.
  12. Err, wrong, it's 174. Still way out.
  13. not lambs and not loiners though
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  14. Just look up the horsepower bikes have when it comes to seeing if something can be lams, it's quite clear that not much over 50hp gets through on lams, the TT600 has a smidgen over 100hp, it's no slouch, probably too quick for a beginner.
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  15. Wot Kurtz said. "50-ish" horsepower is about the maximum for LAMS, effectively.
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