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Triumph Tiger 955?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rip, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience they'd like to share on an older 955 Tiger? I'm looking at one as an everday bike - commuting, weeked rides and the occasional multi day ride.

  2. I looked at them when I bought my Buell Uly, from what I read and felt on the test ride, they are a bit heavy for commuting and thirsty but they are comfortable especially if you are tall. They seem to be generally reliable according to owners but I couldnt find one in decent condition. They are not a supersport but they will get you in trouble with the law still, and they are not a ktm 2 stroke on wingletrack but the will do a dirt road great.

    Advrider has agreat thread on them.
  3. Got lots of good reviews. Very popular in Europe. Personally I always thought they were both too heavy and too top heavy on paper, but the reviews suggested they were a good thing.

    As with all Triumphs, you can still get Friday afternoon specials, but most people report good reliability.
  4. My boss at one of my schools has one, I think he's going to have to have it surgically removed he loves it that much....
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. I missed out on this time. They don't turn up in my price range often and the one I was looking at went quickly.

    Oh well, back to gumtree and ebay...
  6. I'd love to get one too but hard to find in Oz at a decent price.
  7. Oooh, thread revival :)

    They do seem thin on the ground. I don't think many were sold and people tend to hang on the the ones that were.

    @Penny187 - thanks for the link to the survey. Interesting list, even if it has two flavours of Triumph Sprint rather than the Tiger.

    It shows some differences between the UK and Aus market. For example, the old yzf Thunderpig is rated at five, yet is pretty unloved in Australia. Likewise your CBF, which didn't sell well here at all, gets the number 2 slot.