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Triumph Tiger 800 v GS 700

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wigan Warrior, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Has anyone taken these bike on a test ride for comparison?

    Thinking of one of these two as my next bike (unless anyone can justify the $$$$ for the tiger xc or gs800 - I don't expect to do massive amounts of offroad and when I do it's going to be more gravel than climbing mountains!!) and interested to hear people's thoughts.

    Currently on gs500f and use bike for commute most days.

  2. I have a Tiger 800 XC and found the Beamers to be slightly better off road due to weight placement BUT far worse ON road. And I felt like I was humping the head-stem the handle bars were that close, 2 feet of bike still behind me though with the way the seat places you.
  3. If you're only doing gravel and not serious tracking, have you considered the Wee-Strom with dirt tyres?
    Great reputation, large owner following and cheap to own/run. They don't attract the insane BMW servicing costs and Triumph still have a way to go on their reliability.
    Just my 2c.
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  4. x2. I just moved from a Yamaha FZ8N inline four naked to V-strom DL-650 as I wanted to do more touring including dirt roads. After three weeks I'm loving it - absolutely slayed the twisties on a recent Tintaldra ride, and have done two days of reasonably challenging dirt roads - Woods Point-Reefton and last weekend a quick into to Mt Disappointment State Forest. Any doubts I had going from a quick and capable 800 to a V-twin 650 were dispelled in the first week.

    For bang for your buck in terms of purchase price, ongoing maintenance costs, reliability and all-round capability you can't beat the Wee-strom. Of course, you might have your heart set on one of the other bikes and fair enough, just my two cents worth as well :)
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  5. Absolutely....V-power baby....

    Once you get over heady-high revving screamers a V-Twin thumper is very hard to beat :D
  6. I like the look of the proposed replacement for the v-storm, but the current one is a tad on the ugly side.
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  7. Do you want to ride it or look at it? ;)

    Also the new model came out in 2012.
  8. I still want it to look good as well as being a good ride. No offence to current owners, but It is one of the ugliest adventure tourers available.
    The replacement I was referring to is the v-strom 1000 concept on the news part of the Suzuki website (won't let me post a link)
  9. Yeah, I felt that way once too.

    Haven't seen the new Strom 1000 concept yet, will have a look.
  10. I can only comment on the Tiger 800, it's a great bike, brilliant engine and gearbox.
    I bought it for touring due to its comfy ergos and it fits the bill well, as for the off road attributes its seems ok to me but I dropped it on one of excursions and bent the frame a bit which is bad thing because it has no subframe so the complete frame had to be replaced. On the road it's brilliant accept for lean angle is limited by the low set pegs.
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  11. I've had a few road hours on a gs650, the model before the 700 and thought it was a blast. Rode my brothers 05 vstrom back to back with the gs and, to own, I'd take the gs without even thinking.

    This particular gs had a bit more punch than the stock motor and very sticky road tires and I was amazed at how it handles on the road. It's got scratched up pillion peg hangers to prove it! If they say the trumpy is better, well that must be an phenomenal bike also. Test ride them both!
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  12. Best advice here - sounds like you know what you want and test rides will sort it out.
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  13. I know others have said it, and I am biased, but have you considered a Vstrom? Ugly, but cheaper and cheaper to service. Lots of goodies available for touring etc. I would try one as well. If I had the cash I may have bought a Tiger for both myself and the wife, but money does matter.
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  14. Yeah looks pretty swish Wigan!
  15. If they can bring it in at the right price I reckon it could be stealing some of the thunder from the GS and the Tiger.
  16. That Strom concept looks good....a little schizophrenic in style mixing queues from the MultiStrada with the GS and the Tiger.....but hey - I like it :D
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  17. There's not much out there that's uglier than a Versys 1000. The Strom concept looks fine.
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  18. Has anyone heard anything about a Tiger 800/800XC replacement?

    I'm just about to upgrade and weighing up between the Triumph and the BMW. The tiger is my preference but, I don't want to buy now to find it is being changed in 6 months. It's been around for a few years now and thinking something may be in the pipeline.

  19. Does anyone know if there is a replacement due for the Tiger? It's been around for a while now and I don't want to spend the $$$ to find it on run-out at the start of next year!
    I did the test ride of both and the Tiger felt better on the road, cant comment on off-road.