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Triumph Tiger 1050

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Its the Pleats, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Has anybody got an opinion on the tiger 1050? They sound like they'd suit me fine, more wondering about maintenance and common problems.

    I need a bigger bike!
  2. My ride is a 07 1050 Tiger with lowered bars, mirror wideners, Shorai battery & a Arrow road can. The latter 2 items have knocked off around 13kilos. Absolutely love it including the shit lights & at 1765 height only just able to flatfoot it, although you can fit lowering blocks. Checkout the Tiger 1050 site forums.
  3. Thanks bloke, i've read that the lights are shit!
  4. I've had mine for four and a bit years, 60,000km.

    Tiger 1050, hm. Tall-legged sports-touring bike, really.

    They have the same engine as the Speed Triple 1050, Sprint ST and Sprint GT 1050, just tuned differently (fatter bottom end and midrange, less top end) due to their exhaust, airbox, headers, and so on. A glasspack muffler and accompanying ECU reflash from Triumph helps bring the power levels back into line with Speed Triple 1050 territory.

    So, problems?

    Brand new, the Tiger 1050's rear shock isn't tooooo bad but borderline underdamped if you ride superfast and/or carry lots of gear/pillion. By about 50,000km my rear shock was pretty terrible; even when riding solo it would wallow a bit in slower turns. I've got a new Wilburs rear shock and a resprung and rebuilt front end, which is amaaaaaazing in comparison.

    The relatively soft rear shock is probably the #1 "problem" Tiger riders identify with.

    Ergonomics problems?

    There doesn't appear to be any "one size fits all" solution in terms of wind protection. Most riders (especially tall ones like me; I'm 193cm) get either buffetting and/or massive wind noise spilling off of the stock windshield. Some people clean up the air by going for a short sports shield or no shield at all (like me), others steal a car windshield from Windscreens O'Brien and strap that to the front of the bike to push all the wind over the top.

    The headlights are projector beam headlights with a very strict Euro-style cutoff on the lowbeam, which means there's plenty of light aimed at the road (with a bit of a kickup on the left) and ABSOLUTELY ZERO light anywhere else. An American-style cutoff would be a little more forgiving.

    Highbeam is a super-narrow pencil beam which lets you see further into the distance than the Hubble telescope (but only in a 5 degree cone). This is great on the highway but less than ideal when doing aggressive cornering at night, because the headlights don't put much useful light "through" the corner even on highbeam. If you do a lot of night riding on twisty roads it might be worth looking into auxiliary driving lights/fog lights, but it's fine around town and on highways.

    I wouldn't mind Triumph fitting a hydraulic clutch, because a cable-operated clutch on a 1050cc engine is a teensy bit heavy and most of the other bikes in the Tiger's class have super-lightweight hydraulic clutches. *shakes fist in jealousy!*

    Electrical and mechanical problems?

    In the scheme of things, the factory alternator is a little on the underpowered side for what may be used as a touring bike, so running 300 watts worth of halogen driving lights AND heated grips AND headed vests AND charging your laptop is probably out of the question. I just had my stator rebuilt as the alternator was dying and no longer able to charge the battery. Boo. :(

    I had two sump pan bolts go missing at 40,000km. Annoyingly they were the ones behind the headers, which were a right prick to replace. ;) I'm not the only one this has happened to, but I don't believe it's an epidemic situation.

    Brand new with 0km's on the clock, the Tiger 1050's gearbox not the most pleasant to operate. By about 3000-5000km the selector action becomes considerably better and easier to use but it'll never be as precise and light and snickity as a Honda.

    Tiger 1050s seem to have a penchant for chewing up rear brake pads faster than expected, but nobody has any ideas why.

    But generally the Tiger doesn't seem to have any particular reliability issues.

    It probably seems like I've been extremely negative about the bike, but these are probably its most notable/common flaws and idiosyncracies.

    On the whole I've really enjoyed this bike.

    Its torque curve (from 2500rpm to redline) is flatter than most dinnertables. The Triumph triple whirr is addictive.

    Despite its adventurebike looks, medium travel suspension and generous legroom, it wears sportsbike tyres and has a very generous lean angle before hard parts start to scrape. This means that with a little confidence (or insanity) it can corner with quite some enthusiasm. Especially on horrible B-roads where sportsbikes daren't go faster than a snail's pace for fear of shaking the bike apart. The higher-riding weight does make rapid side-to-side transitions less fun than would be on a Street Triple 675.

    It's comfortable enough both solo and with passenger to tour with. It wades through city traffic comfortably.

    For better or worse, it's not the best at anything but it has a pretty good crack at everything.
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  5. Wow, awesome reply! Thanks for that. I think i need to to test ride one. I better not test a brand newy, i might spend too much!
  6. Yeah, a test-ride would be best overall. :)
  7. Also... some cheap ( Chinese, around $30 ), stepped in, nice looking (though probably not too strong) levers off fleebay do make your hands happy as the clutch hand can syphon off heaps of time & energy in traffic & having a go. 2xalso the Arrow Can fitted on mine not only to reduce weight but the original is so quiet you get to only listen to a lot of mechanical noise which is akin to trying to dance to somebody banging away on a symbal. 3xalso there are rumours of a sport Tiger which if reality will be announced at the Milan show this month so don't go pulling the trigger just yet because if true you could get a real good deal on a 2012 model if the Sport is of no interest.