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Triumph Thunderbird Storm

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Spocky, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Howdy all,

    After doing 3000 miles in a couple of weeks on a Harley Electraglide I have decided they are shit but I sort of see the point of the cruiser bike. I have a sports bike (BMW K1300S) and that's my main bike but there is an appeal for a different style bike and I am looking at a Triumph Thunderbird Storm.

    This bike would be the longer range cruiser when I feel a little less for the need for speed (but still want it) but its for cruising rather than hard twisty runs.

    Anyone got one and thoughts? Also selections for exhausts that would improve the sound would be appreciated.

    Cheers Spocky
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    Hi Spocky,
    I see by your signature that you're already an owner of a storm, is that right?

    If so you've already ridden one and made your choice based on what you thought of it/how it fit you/how it made you feel etc.

    If not, take the following with a grain of salt if you wish, but this is how i see it, and i'll try to be as objective as I can:

    I love it (ok, ok, there's a small amount of owner bias there).

    I bought a brand new 2013 model in November last year and I just picked it up from its 10000 km service (i've actually done about 12000 km).

    I commute on it every day into the city and try and get out for a decent weekend run (putty/wisemans/RNP etc) at least once or twice a month.

    It's comfortable (i have the comfy seat), powerful and looks great. Yes, it's a bit heavy to push around but once it's going it's very neutral and stable. It also handles pretty damn well for a big bike, and although you said you'd leave it for cruising, you can point it at the ten mile and it will get you through quite nicely. You CAN buy replaceable peg feelers :)

    It's also quite versatile - I have removable quick release bags and can turn it from hauler to brawler in about 30 seconds.

    I know many owners decide to swap the rear shocks for something better and more adjustable, and if you were going to do any distance touring on it, especially with lots of luggage or 2 up i'd say that's probably a worthwhile investment. I know that ohlins do a set (or have the specs to do so) if you're interested.

    I would also suggest that getting a screen of some sort would be advisable if you were going to cover any real distance. At least to take some pressure off your chest. I'm contemplating fitting a Rocket 3 Roadster flyscreen to mine for this as well aesthetic reasons. Another option is the Dart Manta flyscreen. in my opinion all the other screens available take away from the overall look of the bike, which looks its best in its minimalist form. Your opinion/needs may vary though.

    With all this in mind, I have no doubt the bike will perform the duties you outlined with ease.

    I've had no real issues with the bike; however there are some minor glitches that I've experienced.

    I'm putting in a warranty claim for a new clutch cable (it's a bit grabby and the dealer recommends getting it changed) and a gasket replacement (the rhs primary cover is weeping a tiny bit of oil occasionally).

    Also, the belt, although within spec according to my dealer, squeaks a bit when it's cold and more than that when it's wet. I'll be getting the dealer to tighten up the belt a little more and perhaps apply some kind of lubricant/silicone (the dealer's suggestion) to iron that out.

    Other than those niggles it's been great. If I had the time and money i'd set off on a sealed road tour of Australia no problem. Sometimes I catch myself looking at the bike and I still don't believe that I own the thing. For me it's a keeper.

    Now - exhausts.

    I have the Triumph Off Road Short silencers fitted to mine (with the high performance air filter and tune to match). It gives a louder and deeper sound than stock and is not obnoxious, but lets out a nice roar when you open it up, and sounds bloody magic on the overrun with a few pops, snarls and crackles here and there.

    I have heard the British Customs Hogslayers, Which sound a little 'sharper' and a little louder than the TOR shorties, and I have also heard the Foran Razorbacks, which are quite loud but sound great. They are deeper and a fair bit louder than the TORs, making them the ones you will want if you want to compete with the Harleys.

    Hope all that helps you and anyone else looking for more info on this bike.

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  3. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for that. Just thew information that I wanted.

    Yes I have purchased the bike and it makes me grin like an idiot when I ride it and I have noticed something riding around Sydney as well: when I indicate people get out of my way (never happens with the Beemer) must be the bike:)

    I have ordered the Triumph Shorty pipes for the deeper sound but am interested what air filter did you put in and where did you get it tuned?

    Plan is that for regular riding the Beemer is a little bit more nimble for zipping between cars but the Trumpy will get a few runs during the week.

    Have to get the Beemer up to its service KMs so its currently bike of the day.

    I'd be keen for a few runs through the RNP and the like (live in the Eastern Suburbs) so if your keen send me a message and we can arrange something.

    Once again thanks for the post.

    Cheers Spocky
  4. No worries mate!

    Yeah I think the notice you get paid has something to do with the percieved 'associations' of the particualr type of bike we ride... although in my experience, people still don't indicate or check their blindspots/mirrors, or switch off their phones...

    the air filter/tune are both factory items. the filter is the triumph 'hi flow' air filter, and the tune i have is the standard factory version for that particular configuration. I believe this setup moves the torque curve up a few hundred revs and gives the bike a bit livelier top end. I get mine serviced by the guys i bought the bike from - Trooper Lu's Garage in Moorebank. They're pretty good and have done a bunch of custom work to a thunderbird in their stable (including engine work/cams etc) so they know their stuff.

    Will send you a message shortly.

    No worries,
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  6. I want it...Thundercougarfalconbird........Storm :p
  7. its an old thread, but I am a new member and it is the only thread that I could find on the Thunderbird Storm =D.
    I too ride a '13 Storm and for me it is a keeper too, i have put 32,000 on the clock, and it is on its fourth back tyre, and I have had absolutely no negative issues whatsoever, apart from it blows number plate globes every time it rains8)
    I have the Hogslayer pipes, which are great in town, but howl when I open her o up out of town, I also have the Triumph high flow washable airfilter, and catalytic converter removed, not sure what the tune is but the bloke at the dealership reckoned that it gave me an extra 14hp.
    it handles, goes and stops better than my wildest expectations. I love it 8-| the Storm fits most of my needs, and its a 10 outta 10 from me :smug:
  8. Go and ride a night rod.
  9. lol basejumper :] I already have, several times. they are cute3:)
  10. I've ridden both. The Storm is by far superior in every aspect,