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Triumph Thunderbird 900/Adventurer/Legend/Thunderbird Sports

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dnardy, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Haven't even picked up the VTR I'll be riding on my L's yet and I'm already thinking of my next bike :D
    Has anyone owned or ridden one of these bikes that were produced between 93-03? I gather they are all the same basic bike in different configurations.
    I quite like the retro styling but with a triple engine, and there's a few videos on youtube with them getting punted around at a fair pace.
    I'm interested in finding something sportier than a cruiser or the other "retro's" on the market (Bonneville, V7) but I hate the plastic and styling of modern bikes.

  2. Check out the naked muscle bikes such as the xjr1300 and gsx1400.
  3. Always liked the XJR but maybe not for my second bike, 1300cc might be a bit too much of a step up from 250.
  4. If you can manage their bulk, and all are pretty low slung, then any of the 1200/1300s is worth a try. Big, smooth, capable and pretty cheap to run. Easy to look after yourself too. I've had my Honda CB1300 for six years and nearly 70,000km. They just go on and on. Best bike, overall, I've ever owned.
  5. Before I suggest bikes, what's your budget?
  6. Wait till you are on your ps before you look at bikes. Your tastes will change
  7. Wise words.
  8. Yep I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but just find these bikes interesting.
    Hoping around $7000 by the time I'm ready to buy.

    Any other suggestions of a naked, good looking bike, preferably around 700-1000cc? (My idea of good looking is basically a single round headlight, chrome pipes and no plastic).
    I'm looking at plenty of others, but nothings caught my interest like these late 90's-early 2000s Triumphs.
  9. Air cooled BMW?
  10. W800 if you want something to look forward to. Japanese outdoes the Brits at their own game....again.
  11. I agree with @Vertical C but just to continue my line of thought re. BMW.
  12. Yeah goes without saying that W800's are arguably the best looking of the retro bunch. Will definitely have to test ride when the time comes.

    This caught my eye on the weekend: