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Triumph Thruxton

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Steve Vtec, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. So I'm very new to riding - not quite 2 years experience. I'm 29 so bypass a lot of the licensing restrictions in NSW and next week I'll upgrade to an open licence. Ive done over 10000kms and am riding nearly every day, and I was planning to flog the cb400 into the ground before changing bikes, but I have come across a 2013 thruxton in immaculate condition and at a very competitive price, and was wondering if there's anything I should know about thruxtons before I throw my money at the seller... The biggest problem I could foresee is that I'm not really cool enough to own a bike like that, and then there's the rego, green slip and insurance price jump. Apart from that, the red bloke sitting on my shoulder is screaming at me to empty the savings account

  2. Not cool enough? what're you talking about!

    Will you sell your current bike for a bit of cash to buy it? Finances are always tricky :/
  3. I've got the cash, it is supposed to be for a house though. But I've itchy feet and I like the look of that thruxton so much, it's jut the most beautiful machine. Might set the savings for the house back a little but if it makes me smile every day it's probably worth it, right? Right? Haha... The only thing I'm worried about is not being the most confident rider and having the loveliest bike I've ever seen, I feel like I'd be too afraid to ride it around. Obviously this fear wouldn't last long, but still, a small part of me is yelling keep cutting your teeth on the 400 and upgrade when you've more experience. A deal like this doesn't come around all that often though........
  4. You could always buy it now, tell yourself you'll garage it or put it in storage while you get some miles on the 400 and then ride it anyway? (or actually garage it for a while).

    As for the house? your priorities are your own. I'm usually very conservative financially but bought my bike when i couldn't really afford it, I've never been happier (all while being broke) so thats worth something in my books.

    How much do the cb400 sell for by the way? I wish i'd been able to afford a bigger bike than my 250, already feeling its far too small especially on the highway.
  5. I got it for $5500 for an '01 carby fed vtec, had 24,000 on the clock but it's a gray import so who knows how many it's actually done. It goes like stink off sh1t and is a phenomenal learner bike, but Id sell it in a heartbeat if I was getting a thruxton. Looking around, over the last year the newer cb400s have been commanding what I believe to be ridiculous resale prices - I feel like I could get between $5-$6k for it no worries looking at what comes and goes on bikesales etc. anyway it's a great bike and if I don't get the thruxton I'll no doubt enjoy it for years to come
  6. Cb400 is great on highway, if a little revvy. Looking at 1up on front sprocket and 3 down on rear to just kick up that final drive ratio for cruising, but at the moment doing 100 a flick of the wrist and it lurches forward with plenty left in the stable. Not sure how sprocket changes would affect that - might need a downshift to have that power back when cruising. Either way, it's so much fun for a little bike, and it feels way more solid than any 250 I've sat on. Not much experience with the new 300s but I reckon you'd have to be wringing their bloody necks for them to pull away from the 400... It's still the best $5500 I've ever spent
  7. Remember, it's not about how you look riding the bike, it's how you picture yourself looking. Just avoid riding past shop windows and enjoy your delusions :p

    The whole Bonnie range is pretty low-strung and unlikely to give you any major issues if you take proper care of them. They're not the quickest or the sharpest but of course you already know that.

    The most likely problem with a bike so pretty is that you're obliged to keep it that way, so I hope you like polishing chrome.
  8. Haha yeah I looked at the chrome spoked wheels and although they are beautiful, I'm really not sure I can handle that responsibility
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  9. life too short not to have and do what you want! Just go for it! i bet you'll find it's a bliss to ride!
  10. Do it..... Ill hate you forever. But thats just me, one person...Once you have it, you wont care what other people think about you...

    Ive been frothing over a scrambler style bonnie for a while, They sound so mean with a good exhaust on them. I reckon once you put an exhaust on the triumph (if it doesnt already have it) you'll never look back and wont stop smiling :)

    another thing...youll need to change your name haha :p
  11. Seems a bit backwards going from vtec inline 4 to an air cooled twin, but I believe the technology on the new thruxtons is great. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's a very noticeable increase in power and with double the torque of my beloved cb400 it'll definitely be a whole new ball game... Can't wait to test ride one!
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  12. Relax, nobody is cool enough to ride one, but riding one will make you THINK you are. :D
    Really pretty bike, hope you get it.
  13. A mate of mine has a 2012 Scrambler with a pipe on it and it sounds way cool.
    Just because it's missing 2 cylinders, doesn't make it a lesser bike.
    Just different, in a good way.

    Mine's a parallel twin, so I'm biased.
  14. Oh I just meant the air cooled aspect seems a bit backwards, I'm fine with 2 cylinders. But yeah the bike looks so neat. Called RMS today and was told I can upgrade to full licence for a nominal $25 fee on October 7, a little later than I thought but still looking forward to getting rid of that red "pull me over" plate on the back!
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  15. Yeah that 270 degree crank with the long throw gives it a lovely rumble.
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  16. I'd recommend riding the Thruxton a little to see if you like it. They don't handle all that flash, not overly quick or nice to ride and don't feel as characterful as they look and sound. That said if you like it, go for it!
  17. I have been looking at this bike as a second bike,maybe next year,i'll just leave this here ;)
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  18. Oh ok. So I'm pretty much sold. That British green is so beautiful!
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  19. Nice choice Steve.But I'm probably a little biased due to riding a Bonneville. If there's anything you need to know about the Thruxton, have a look in the twin talk section at Triumphrat.net.
    Just don't look to hard or you'll also be wanting a new exhaust, fender elimination kit,airbox removal,AI removal,etc.
  20. He rides a Honda. He can't just step straight onto a Triumph twin. That's at the complete other end of the coolness spectrum. He needs to transition there.

    No, seriously, if you think you've only lost $500 on resale on your current bike, then go for it. There are not many bike owners in that position. You will never be in a better resale position.