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Triumph Thruxton 900

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Jimbo14, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Picked her up from PS Ringwood today. I am very excited :D
    Exhaust is so quiet stock. Ill be putting on a pair of aftermarket pipes soon.

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  2. Very nice. Gotta have the pipes on a bike like that
  3. The arrows are nice, and ps will be able to put a new tune in to suit, as triumph already have maps for them, so they just plug it in and download... No dyno or piggyback ecu.......
  4. I think you can get a cream for that.

    Seriously. I love the thruxtons, my mate is looking to buy one but was told that the red ones are almost impossible to get in Aus at the moment? did you order yours in or buy it from the floorstock?
  5. Beautiful bike
  6. The arrows are nice and I really wanted to get the arrow 2into2. However I refuse to pay $2000 for a pipe. I am getting a pair of british custom predator exhausts and loading the arrow 2into2 map. I have been told it is a good match.

  7. Yes this is true! I got one of the last red thruxtons that was shipped to australia. Triumph have stopped making the red ones and are going to continue with the black thruxton and add a new colour - british racing green.

    I ordered mine in a couple of months ago. I dont think there are any reds left :(
  8. cheers, thanks for the info I'll pass it on.

    I like the idea of the british racing green, thats gunna look the goods!
  9. What a beautiful looking bike!


    Fun Ha!
  10. yeah saw a bonnie cafed in the british racer green (cant remember why he didnt use a thruxton).... really looked awesome
  11. Awesome looking bike. Congrats on the purchase. (y)

    Check T H I S website. (I think you already have) :)
  12. Welcome to the Trumpy club. Sexy bike. My next is either going to be a Thrux or a Bonneville. Can't decide...

  13. Owww lovely bike. Congrats! I've got my eye on one for an upgrade early next year. I had my heart set on a red but being a fickle woman, I think I could learn to love the british racing green. :D

    Enjoy your new toy!
  14. Nice bike, I'll own one some day ;) My old man has a 2008 Bonnie with Megaphones and I can't tell you enough how good it sounds when you open the throttle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. There must of been at least one left..

    My mate put a deposit on a nice new red one a couple of days ago. =D>
  16. First Thruxton I've seen in red, really STANDS OUT!!

    Mind you, any brit bike looks good in BRG.

    Have you given thought to fitting some proper clip-ons? The 'droopy' straight bar looks kinds funny, at least in the pictures.....
  17. Nice Bike. I love the Red! I had the opportunity to purchase one of the last of the SE edition Thruxtons and knocked it back. What a mistake.

    hope you travel many safe miles on that beauty.


  18. She is beautiful mate.. enjoy.
  19. The thruxtons actully came with clip-ons untill 2008 when they went from carbs to EFI and clip-ons to a straight bar. I think im going to leave the current bars, I not sure how much my back and wrists will like clip ons :)
  20. There are a couple of red thruxtons at harley heaven in Melbourne. Not brand new mind you but they are out there. Also I'm not sure where nunya is so this could well be zero help for you.