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Triumph Street Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by edgelett, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. OK, the Hornet discussion is turning into a discussion on the triple (mainy for comparisons) so I thought I'd start a new thread for that bike.

    Triumphs Street Triple 675 is the new naked version of the Daytona, a mid range naked that Triumph have been lacking in their range for a while.

    initial pics look awesome.

    so discuss the bike here!

    for me, I think it looks great except the lights. my dad has a speed triple & i hate the lights on that thing too. other than that..would need to test ride it to know really!
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  2. yeah, id get one in a heart beat if they were here and were cheap enough. i couldnt imagine them going for any more than 13k.

    i have to agree, the front light setup doesnt do much for me either. i wouldnt like the street fighter look all the naked jap bikes are going with at the moment either. i rekon a vertical stack set up would look good and stay true to its roots.

  3. the thing that creeps me out about the front lights is you turn the handlebars & the lights stay stationary.

    it's just...freaky lookin'!
  4. anyone got any decent links on it? I really wanna take a look but I don't have heaps of time at the moment to find a decent one via google that had more than one tiny picture and was in English :p
  5. no pics yet, but it was in the last AMCN magazine.
    still searching for decent online shots.
  6. I am trying to find some definitive pics...
    Raptors Has some pics but i have often found there pics to be... Questionable or early release or whatever, but not what we see actually released...

    Think I have found a caroborating pic...


  7. yeah but all nakids are hte same... lights fixed.

    nothing a nice pair of aftermarkets dont fix either.
  8. pity they have left the same tail as the 675 faired version, and not stuck with the true speed tripple short tail. the 1050 looks way better!

  9. I like both but the first thought after seeing the long one vs the short one is that the short one looks like a dog with its tail docked *laugh*

    big fan of the triumphs :D
  10. Yeah the stumpy tail makes it stand out from the crowd I like it!
  11. light isn;t fixed on my hornet, it's attached to the forks rather than the frame so the light turns with the forks.
  12. That first pic is a photoshop, and looks ugly.

    It's been 'leaked' that the Street Triple will have the duel stubby cans like the Speed Triple. That being said I love the arse on the Daytona 675 and wouldn't mind if it ended up on the ST. That being said we will have to wait until late June(?) until we see it in the metal.
  13. yeah I think that's the release date from memory
  14. well ther ya go! :cool:
  15. It's supposed to be revealed to a dealer conference in June, but of course in true triumph fashion, blurry video and pics are already appearing on various forums. Supposedly in the shops in UK around November. Expect to see an advance proddy model at the PI GP, I would think.

    DSSA, frame and engine from the 675, stubby exhausts is the word. No real evidence about the bodywork yet. I'd be betting on $13k

    BTW, it's an easy thing to convert the fixed headlights to some fork-mounted streetfighter units (like mine :) ). It adds a little (sprung) weight to the steering, but not enough to really matter.
  16. That was my fear... Oh well
  17. and sometimes its better to embrace hte unique rather than make it look like all the rest...

    keep the stock headlights and ad the bikini fairing...

  18. my spada is attached to the forks as well.

    the trumpt looks good... like the longer tail..... better for pillions then.
  19. Being a Triple rider, I should weigh in on this thread...

    The headlights can be moved to the forks. There are a number of relocating brackets around for to do this.

    Personally I really like the bug eyes, it complements the overall muscle bike appearance of the Triple. I also think, being almost classic in design it'll date better than a lot of the more contempory light setups currently on the market.

    The bug eyes are almost a Triumph trademark now, like the kidney grills on a BMW (car :? ) and it would be a shame if they were to move away from this IMO.