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Triumph Street Triple R

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  1. WKD60 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Triumph Street Triple R

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  2. Great bike. You don't see many of them in red getting around.
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  3. Nice looking machine. I did notice the exhaust on the last pic was under the seat vs low on the other pics.

    Do you have both types and just change them as you feel like it ?
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  4. mate that looks sweeet! the tail tidy and extras bits you've added work well. love the colour too.
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  5. Slightly biased but very nice.
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  6. Thanks guys.
    (Wait, I can't say 'guys' any more can I? I must use more inclusive language :stop:)

    Thanks peoples. :facepalm:

    JayteeJaytee That last picture is as it was when I purchased it. The other pictures show where it's at now. Little changes, nothing crazy. I still have the stock exhaust in my possession, but sold the Leo Vince pipes.
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  7. WKD60WKD60 nice.. I am a fan of the under seat exhaust. Some people don't like it due to heat issues but i think it makes the bike personally.

    Very nice looking machine you have there.. well played!
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  8. Lovely in red!

    Are you happy with those mirrors? They look great. Don't they bother when filtering?

    Want to do something similar on the MV but don't know how fitment will work with my lever guards in place as well.
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  9. Here in Townsville, heat is the number one cause of my balls being cooked to a crisp. I can't stress how uncomfortable it was... It's bad enough as is riding in the height of summer.
    Low boy solves that, and I think the HP Corse looks cleaner, and tidies up the tail of the bike. Shifts the 'visual balance' forward. Also better for weight distribution. I prefer it in all regards over the undertail exhaust. (y)

    Thanks mate. Yeah, the mirrors are great. Very good visibility behind. No blind spots that you get with factory mirrors.
    Here in Townsville, they are fine for filtering. (We have nice wide lanes). Every now and then (rarely) I have to do a shuffle around car mirrors, as they are at the same height. But other than that, no issues.
    I tried hanging them under the bars to alleviate this, but then you can't see them due to your arm being in the way.
  10. If I could get one of these lowered enough (without killing the riding characteristics), this is something I'd most likely get. Hehe :cool:(y)
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  11. not many traffic lights or jams in Townsville so filtering not too much of a problem, at least it wasn't when I lived there.
  12. Thanks for the feedback.

    Unfortunately Sydney has too many narrow roads. Might be a problem. Will have to see
  13. Awesome bike mate, Red looks really good. I Just brought a 15 triple R in december very happy with mine. Are they the genuine triumph levers you got installed? Do you think they are worth the $280ish price tag?
  14. Yeah, true. Maybe look at a set of foldable barend mirrors?

    Thanks mate. You obviously have impeccable taste in bikes ;)
    The levers aren't Triumph branded. Would I pay $280 for genuine? Probably not. You can get cheap chinese sets off Ebay for a fraction of the cost.
    But yes, adjustable short levers are great! I'd buy the $30 jobs from China. They'd do the job just fine. (y)
  15. check this clip out at 1:17, they look to be a combined bar end mirror and lever guard, or maybe they are two separate pieces

    to OP sorry for the thread diversion
  16. The dragster has a combination mirror guard thingy. Different size bar so can't use on Brutale. Also complaints on not being able to see much ,.too low down close to hands.
  17. "Viper"

    vs MV stock
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  18. nice mate! i just bought a 2013 model street triple coming from an sfv650 and er6n isn't 3 cylinders awesome?!
  19. I came from an SFV650 also. Yes, a triple certainly is awesome!
  20. thoughts on your model vs the 2013+version?