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VIC Triumph Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Ryan STR, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Bike Stolen - Brunswick Area overnight - Please keep an eye out
    White Triumph Street Triple R 2012 - scratched on the belly pan


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  2. Rotten luck. Hope it turns up.
  3. fcuking mongrels hope you get it back soon
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  4. This is just from my experience, but get the police report from the local plod ASAP. Pester them until they give it to you and don't just walk away when they keep telling you that the person you need is off duty. Most of the time they just don't want to do the paperwork. It's often not enough for (some) insurers to have the incident number, even if the cops tell you it is.
    Within a few days it'll go to the major crime division (over $10K) and then it's harder again to get the report - but not impossible.
    I'm interested to know whether it was in public view when stolen. Most seem to be, but I'm given the high number going missing in the area, I'm wondering whether they are being stolen to order (for parts) and using a database, or just opportunism.
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  5. Thanks for the help mate - I already have the report and have given to the insurance company. I am now just waiting to hear back from the investigations team on what the next steps are.
    It was in public view - I had just moved in to a new house and the only place to put the bike was right in front of the front window. It was steering locked and lock on the front wheel. Happened sometime between midnight and 9am. Neighbours tell me the dogs were barking around 2am.
    So now I am concerned when I get a new bike - they know I have a bike - so I am going to have to find another place to park not near my house - I can't think of anything else??
  6. Another Triumph :'(
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  7. I'm in a similar position to you e.g. I don't have a garage or safe parking close to my house so I rent a secure storage garage with 24 hour access.
    The bike is still chained front and back even when in "secure" storage.
  8. Have you thought about your loungeroom?
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  9. Is this the fourth or fifth stolen bike reported from Vic on NR this past week??
    Unbelievable :devil:
    As Titus says sounds like targeted spares...
    But what to do? As NosohNosoh said inside?? Around the back of the house and chained to something...
    I am so lucky that the place I am moving into has a little garage with an internal door, so car outside if need be and Wasabi inside. Same for anyone with bikes who decides to come to stay with me ...their bikes get locked inside!
    I was told that a lot of bikes get pinched at Port :(
  10. I guess I will have to do some research - the bike was my daily commute through the city to the office so unless storage is within a couple mins walk not really a viable option. It sickens me to know that I am powerless against these scum as they now know I have a bike and eventually I will have a bike again in the very near future...AAAHHHH
  11. hahah yeah, but can't get the baby through the front door :(
  12. I was concerned before moving in to this house, we were limited on time in the move and we just settled. I thought I was doing enough to keep her safe and visible. I suppose like you said if it is parked outside you are always going to be at risk
  13. Buy a dog. Have a nice warm kennel right next to the bike. The dog must have big teeth and a bad attitude.

    Failing that, a disc lock with alarm, plus motion sensor lights. And maybe a bloody obvious camera.
  14. May i suggest something like this...

    Chain through frame attached to pole etc.

  15. Bad! I am also in somewhat similar situation with a new house opposite Queen Victoria market, Victoria street, no parking available and just about to get a brand new R1, now I better hold the horses till I get some secured parking, everywhere car park option only, hard to find. Tried Kim Ling, Greenco, VIP Park etc. all with a big flat NO!
    Hope you reunite with your steed soon.
  16. Shame about the theft.
    Check with some of your neighbours and see if any of them can rent some garage space, or some room in a courtyard.
    If you can't lock it to something make sure you immobilise both wheels, and use an alarm or screamer so that it attracts some attention if it's getting moved.
  17. Man....I'm sure grateful I park my bike in a garage every night. Would be distraught to find my bike gone one morning before riding in to work.
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  18. Tell me about it, there is part of you that thinks to yourself - this can't be happening, must be a joke - then it is not!
  19. So where do these stolen bike end up?
  20. Chop shop