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Triumph Street Triple R or BMW F650GS?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. I'm coming off my restrictions, and since I've lost my CB400 to my other half I have been looking for an upgrade. I've done my homework, looked at cost, insurance, maintenance, and come down to a decision between two very different bikes.

    I'm torn. The Street Triple R looks like a hell of a lot of fun to ride, with top notch brakes and suspension. I'm pretty heavy, so adjustable suspension would be nice. But I'm also a pretty sedate rider (compared to most riders), so I'm not likely to give the bike a real workout unless I take it to a track day or an advanced rider training course.

    The F650GS looks good to me (I know people have different opinions), and most reviews are very positive. It has better fuel economy than the Triumph, and has much better capacity for luggage. It also has some capacity for off-road, or at least dirt track riding, which would be fun.

    Most of my current riding is inner urban Melbourne commuting, with occasional day trips. But we would like to do some longer tours, where the luggage capacity of the Beemer would really be a bonus. And I have friends who go riding in the forest on the fire trails on dirt bikes, and it would be fun to go out with them some time.

    So I see the pros of the Beemer being its versatility, and the fact that it would carry my laptop and wet weather gear to work comfortably, as well as more substantial luggage for touring. Cons are that it doesn't have the power or handling of the Triumph.

    Pros of the Triumph are the sheer sexiness of the bike, and the way it handles. Cons are very limited options for luggage (small-ish tank bag and tail bag) which would make it less suitable as a tourer. Also the fact that I may never ride it the way it was intended to be ridden.

    What have I missed? I'd love to hear from people who own or have ridden either of these bikes. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Beemer because of the options for touring and a bit more adventurous riding. But every time I look at the Street Triple R it makes me want to change my mind.

    Advice? Stories? Suggestions?
  2. You have come to a fork in the road, grasshopper.

    Choose wisely, for the course of your motorcycle life flows on from this point...

    Forget about practicality. In your dreams, do you want to boldly explore the ends of the earth, or do you want the pure thrill of blending seamlessly with the machine through endless chains of corners?

    (Both nice bikes. Each will lead you in a different direction.)
  3. And while it's true that the Beemer might not have the power - it's not necessarily true about the handling.
  4. +1

    Would you like a glass of chilled champagne, or a can o' beer mate?

    Chalk and cheese.

    Day and night.

    Yin and yang.

    Ok... I'm getting carried away now. Perhaps the beemer f800gs might be an option if you want a bit more power/dual purpose bike.
  5. You pretty much summed up everything I was going to write zenali...

    It sounds as if the BWM F650GS is better for you if you need to carry around a heap of stuff, constantly, day to day, and are interested in dirt roads and touring.

    However; if you just carrying around a laptop and maybe some wet weather gear, a backpack or bag you can throw over your shoulder should suffice. You've seen the token black sports bag I go everywhere with, I still have it, and can carry one entire business change of clothes, gym clothes + towel (and shoes for both), lunch, wet weather gear and usually some extra's if I'm running around for the day.

    I've done two overnighters with that bag, constantly riding many places where I need changes of clothes and needing to carry other stuff and have no problems, both with the Daytona and ZZR. For the Daytona I shorten the strap as far as it will go and sling it over my shoulders / chest and have no problems riding with it (as apposed to the ZZR where I would occy strap it to the little fold our hooks on the pillion seat).

    That said above method could be your solution for your work commuting etc, however with the touring you may consider a rack for the Street Triple??

    If your hell bent on shit loads of luggage and dirt roads and LOTS of touring, get the F650GS. If your going to tour once every few months, get the Street Triple I say... orange at that.

    I reckon that might change once you get a Street Triple... :wink:
  6. imo i would go for the bmw....as you say your not an aggressive rider, so do you need whooping big 320mm disc front end to pull you from 140-160km/hr straight you just leaving or the cornering clearance/handling of a race bike on the road if you aren't going to get jiggy with it (do you/have you ever touched down a boot or peg) All stuff to consider.....is it over kill? Maybe you you more the sort that enjoys to see a nice bike in garage...who knows.....

    Really i think a lot of people get caught up in the specs of bikes and want it can do, but what can you make it do.....that why ride :wink:
  7. If that is the case, there's nothing you will ask the F650GS to do that it won't be up to......

    not knowing the price difference of the top of my head, wouldn't the F800GS (or even better the ST) be a better call?....bugger this detuned stuff
  8. I've looked at the 800GS, but you get not a lot more for the extra $$$. I'm not likely to go off-road more than a couple of times a year (or not at all if I went for the Triple) so it doesn't seem worth the extra suspension height and bigger front wheel. The extra power would be nice, but then again I may as well take the Triumph. The 650GS and the Triple are about the same cost, and that is as much as I'm happy to pay for a bike at the moment.

    I have scraped pegs on the bikes at HART before, but not on my own bike. Maybe partly because I don't have those reassuring crash bars, and partly because I care more about dropping my own bike. :) But as Browny says, that may change if I went for the Triumph...

    But it is a good point - I probably don't need brakes that would hold up on a race track when I buzz around the city. But then again... when you really do need brakes it is nice to have good ones.

    It is such a head versus heart question. The tail bag for the Triumph is pretty small, and I prefer not to ride with a backpack if I can avoid it.

    Anybody got any love stories with either bike to share? Or horror stories for that matter?
  9. Get the street triple. Not the R, the standard one will be great for you. They're a sensational bike. If you find the suspension wanting (and I don't think you will), a couple hundred bucks in uprated springs and a fifteen buck bottle of 15W fork oil will do the trick. IMO the standard striple is friendlier and easier to get confident on than the R.
  10. Hi
    I just purchased a Triple R after testing the speed triple, Monster 1100, FZ1, and Z1000, I rode it by chance at the dealers when testing the speed triple, I've never had a road bike under 1000cc in over 20 years of riding and am having a fantastic time on this bike, the handling and weight are sensational, the torque is right through the range, I put a lap top when needed in a back pack and ride it nearly every day.
    I do not know about the BMW as I have never ridden one, but this bike will do anything you ask of it, and give 1000cc sports bikes a hurry up in alot of places (top end excluded).
    I put a 4 into 1 low boy exhaust on it from new to change the note.

  11. +1.

    Totally agree here with Loz.

    Having ridden an old Funduro (F650) and a mate's ST3, I'd have to say the ST3 is way more comfortable to ride in traffic and more fun too!!!

    Ride them both and decide for yourself, but I'll bet that you end up with the trumpy.

  12. I've heard Beemers are for old guys.
  13. That's unpossible.
  14. One's a spare?
  15. You can carry luggage on the Street Trip -


    You can ride it on the dirt -


    ...and in the rain and the mud -


    Anywhere you really want to.


  16. Woops typo how about a 3 into 1
  17. Street triple, a trailer, and an el cheapo 125cc two stroke dirt bike.
  18. Just a quick follow up: I put money down on the Triumph. :) Roll on November...
  19. Congratulations!:)

    You should be very happy with the triumph