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Triumph Street Triple R Gear Indicator issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Zeiss, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Hi, new to Street Triple, just bought the 2012 R model with the 'interesting' headlights...love the bike, goes like a cut snake, but I have an issue with it that I was hoping someone else has had or has an insight into.

    I keep getting a problem with the voltage from the gear indicator, that means it doesn't show the correct gear (either stays in 1 or 6 or sometimes even N), once this happens the Fault light comes on (amber). I take it to the mechanic (Charlie in Melbourne), he plugs his computer in, reads the error display - it says gear indicator voltage too high, so he resets it and all goes back to normal.... until it happens again. Now - added to this is the following:

    It is not consistent, but seems to happen when I do a swift gear change from 1 to 2, at high revs with load on (i.e. - when I am gunning it)
    The gear indicator rights itself, but the Fault light stays on
    If the problem is 'happening', the Neutral light won't come on, even though I am in Neutral, and when I put the stand down the engine cuts out

    And.... there is a second (I am assuming related problem) - after the mechanic fixes the problem, I am not able to access the Setup menu. This eventually rights itself after the bike has been through an on / off cycle, but once I can access the setup menu, I cannot access the SE menu, so it looks like everything comes back to the gear indicator.....

    Any ideas......, please!! (other than take it to Triumph, which I plan to do next week, I just want to share and see what other experiences people have had so I am fully informed of the issue before I take it in).... thanks in advance.
  2. i still think it maybe related to regulater over voltage or something like that sorry too here the probs back again. i would be realy pissed if i was you but you probally allready knew that, good luck with .good job its under warranty
  3. so whats the story with it now mate?
  4. Ok, took it back to PS today, explained the issue, told them that it has happened 4 times now, and that I had been going to a different mechanic (Charlie in Flemington) and he kept resetting the error using the Triumph diagnostic tool. They don't think he has the right tool, so they reset it, and then also installed / upgraded the ECU software. Rode it home like crazy, changing through the gears as much as possible etc, so far so good.

    Personally I don't see how a software update can fix a hardware error, but maybe its just a voltage issue or reading issue, so we shall see.

    I made a bet with the guy that I would be back within a week.... lets hope I am wrong!!