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Triumph Street Triple R (2012)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Victriple, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. #1 Victriple, Feb 3, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2013
    Caught another case of upgradeitis so looking at selling my white 2012 Triumph Street Triple R (compliance is 12/11)

    No unusual damage or wear and tear for its age. Has not been dropped, crashed or tracked. Tyres are in good condition and bike will come with all paper work, booklets, keys etc...

    Bike is located in Heidelberg, inspections more than welcome.


    Belly pan
    Rear hugger
    Rear bobbins and paddock stand

    Kilometers - ~6800 (still riding it daily so this will change)

    Price - Open to reasonable offers ($11,000 ball park).

    Pic - We all know what a Street triple looks like by now, right?

    Here is a pic anyway, just in case.


    Any questions or if you'd like my mobile number fire me a PM.
  2. Lovely looking bike - how come you're selling?

    What's the next bike gunna be?
  3. Good old fashioned case of upgradeitis, no real reason, it is in all honesty pretty hard to fault the Street Triple.

    Not set on the upgrade yet, I am debating a few options, the list as it stands today, in rough order is:

    * Hyperstrada
    * Tiger Sport 1050
    * Tiger 800
    * Multistrada (having a lot of trouble coming at paying that much for a bike, very, very unlikely prospect)

    Still investigating things like the KTM (ugly buggers though) and the Beemers (see Ducati MTS problem).
  4. Ooooh......

    I like the list....

    Take a look at the Dorso 1200 too.......tasty
    Also, the Husky Nuda.....

    GL with the sale :)
  5. Yeah will do, lots of test rides coming up.

    Have got a guy looking at it at the moment that doesn't seem like a major time waster (the first, maybe second so far, LOL).
  6. How's the interest?

    Damn - one fine looking StripleR...........

    Anyone looking should look hard here....
  7. Had a couple of queries already, so far nothing really serious...
  8. ***deposit taken***
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  9. ***BIKE SOLD***
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