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Triumph Street Triple R 2010

Discussion in 'Archived' started by gogoplata, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Triumph Street Triple R 2010, bought new, just over a year old. Has newer and clearer dash than previous 2009 version. Multi-Award winning bike. Two wheels, and Bike Magazine's bike of the year! A dream to own and ride. Approx 16,900 KM's, mostly easy freeway KM's for commuting. Genuine Triumph belly pan, fly screen, carbon tank pad, Arrow titanium exhausts & more! Never been dropped. Well over $3,500 worth of Genuine Triumph accessories included!

    Issues: Small cosmetic scratches right side of the tank from leathers rubbing against it (see pic). Planned to keep this bike forever, so didn't think much of it. Was going to paint and put a clear film over it. Coolant leaked, re-tightened hoses seemed to do the trick.

    Comes with 8 months warranty left so any probs just take it to Peter Stevens. Bike serviced according to recommended intervals with engine oil & filter changed every 3-5km's. Just check out the chicken strips, thats how safe I ride it :)

    Note: Pic shows standard fender, now using tail tidy, yet to be pulled over because of it.

    1x Triumph Street Triple R 2010 (8 months warranty & 8 months rego) 16,900km's approximately
    1x Genuine Arrow Titanium Twin Slipons. Standard Exhausts included.
    1x Triumph Flyscreen
    1x Triumph Bellypan
    1x Triumph Carbon Tank Pad
    1x Triumph Rear Hugger
    1x Evo Tech Fender eliminator/Tail Tidy. Original Fender included.
    1x Evo Tech Radiator Guard
    1x Triumph Owners pack (manual and spare key).

    Optional (will go on eBay unless someone buys everything)
    1x Triumph All Weather Bike Cover
    1x Ecliptech aFlasher - http://www.ecliptech.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=81&Itemid=163
    1x Becker Tecknik lifter - Lifts both wheels off for maintenance such as changing oil and lubing chain. Very easy for one person to lift bike compared to paddock stands. Looks like (http://www.becker-technik.de/Motorbike-Lifter_Sport/Motorbike-Lifter_Sportenglisch/body_motorbike-lifter_sportenglisch.html)

    Available Mid to Late December.

    Netrider price $12,500 inc RW, with Optional bits $12,700. Will list on another site in a week or two if not sold here first.

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  2. doh, no interest, must sell :(

    dropped to $11,500 with roadworthy, all accessories listed and new set of tyres.
  3. Looks great mate! Getting closer to my price range too! haha

    Best of luck with the sale
  4. Ha, Sheeth sets up camp and waits for further discounts
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  5. Good luck sheeth! No offense mate but you'd be stealing this bike at $11,500!!! Noone is biting at the moment Gogo... I'm lucky I ended up getting my brother to buy mine. Hopefully if he still has it in a few years, I'll buy it back when I'm financially able/working again!

    Don't give it away anyway, base STriples are selling for your asking price with very little mods on them so don't BUDGE!!!

  6. So, is this still for sale?
  7. SOPHIE!!!! How are you???
  8. yep, still for sale. haven't put on bikesale yet, so quick sale would be ideal.
  9. Is this the right klm travelled 16,900km's?
    in how many months?
  10. Hi Paul

    I'm great, as it happens :) as you can see, looking to get back on the road, it's nearly 5 years, but better late than never :D
  11. Tell us what's been happening..

    I see the Triumph bug is still biting; didn't your man have a Triumph stolen just before your accident?
  12. yes, he replaced it with another identical Daytona 675, but we split up a while ago :p so i'm not looking at them just because he has a Triumph.

    I did try to consider something else (cheaper and more practical) but after test riding everything on my shortlist nothing felt as good as the Street Triple for me, so then it's just down to the details of getting one :) (hopefully this one)

    Slightly hi-jacking this thread :D but I suppose a quick update won't hurt, i've been really well, just finished uni for the year, first year down of 3 year BA Fine Arts at Monash majoring in Sculpture, never been happier, perfect time to get back on the bike with the long summer hols and convinced the parents that i'll do my best to stay away from hospitals in future... going to do the Stay Upright training and superbike school as well, and just take it easy, enjoy the ride and all that :)
  13. 1.3 years, its my only form of transport, now about 17,000. 95% of it was easy km's to and from work. Have ridden it under the speed limit for almost a year. Got done for overtaking on left lane (bicycle lane), in front of the police station (didn't see), but anyway I'm on a 12 month good behaviour thing, can't lose a single point until it ends in a month.

    Bit sad it has to go, was planning to keep it forever, but oh well shit happens. Reason for sale = knee reconstruction from a previous accident. starting to get uncomfortable with the knee angle so I'm downgrading to a slow overpriced italian cruiser with more legroom, always wanted a ducati so why not :) already put down a deposit so have to sell soon.

    good to hear Sophie, see you Saturday :)
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