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Triumph Street Triple R '09

Discussion in 'Archived' started by rob_, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. 2009 Triumph Street Triple R for sale. Only two enthusiast owners, with full history. Several mods, with all Triumph factory parts, including:

    - Triumph Off-Road Exhaust (TOR) with matching ECU tune
    - Wind Deflector
    - Rear hugger
    - Pillion grab rail
    - Heated grips
    - Carbon tank protector

    Incredible condition ST3R, in the best colour. TOR sounds awesome and all the mods make this a mint example of the best naked street bike, that has been perfectly looked after over its 18,000km travelled. All original parts included, as well as OBDII cable, all keys, books, cover etc. New battery, riding on Michelin tyres - 80%+ left.

    Ultimate upgrade bike, with the sweet triple engine being backed up by adjustable suspension and radial brakes - the usual Street Triple R good stuff we all know.

    Price revised 30/07/2012
    Priced at $9,500 (!!!) including Victorian rego till August 1, 2013. Excludes RWC, but needs nothing for it, nil time to do it... Or, $9,650 with roadworthy.

    Working more overseas so no time to ride, she's got to go - make me an offer... Contact via PM please





  2. 238 views and nothing? Make an offer - highly motivated seller (missus is providing the motivation - apparently if I'm overseas all the time, then I'm definitely not spending time with the bike when I'm home...)
  3. WOW. Looks awesome and stunning pics as well.

    Best Of Luck with the sale! (y)
  4. good luck with the sale, they are lovely bikes, if i had an extra 2 i would have gone for it.
  5. Still no offers? Rego for a year has been paid today. Putting this price on Netrider for one week, then it goes on Bikesales etc, so here's your chance to get in first:

    $10,350.00 with a full year of rego.

    That's $602 worth. August 1, 2013. Imagine all the riding you could do over that year, at my expense. Effectively makes the bike less than $9800 (!!!) Heart/wallet breaking for me, opportunity for you.

    RWC would be by you. Bike needs nothing for it but I have nil time to get it done.
  6. I thought you're price might be a bit high but you're on the low end of bikesales prices so I guess you'll just have to be patient. Slap it up on bikesales/ebay/gumtree etc.
  7. Why the hell don't people include roadworthies now? Anyone that says rwc not included or will negotiate rw gets passed when I look for a bike or a car.

    Don't offer it? Then your bike is dodgy. Make the time if you want a sale.
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  8. You make a fair point Dougz - $10,500 with RWC
  9. Good stuff Rob. To me it shows you will stand by your product. Well done mate.
  10. It's not that easy sometimes
    I leave Sunday for work and get home late Friday so getting a RWC is a royal pain for me
    (I know mine will pass though 100%)
  11. Massive price drop - $9,500

    She's gotta go. Send me a PM, make an offer.
  12. have you sold the bike?
  13. Still available, went OS, had a purchaser fall through, now relisted on Bikesales and I'm back for a few weeks - asking $9200. Please PM me to discuss more.
  14. Last price drop - $8,950

    Sick of time wasters and stupid offers. She goes this week or I stick her at a yard and they'll put her back up at $11K+ like all the others (which is what its really worth)

    Call to discuss if you want to view it - PM me for my number or see on significant bike selling website
  15. hmmm can i justify having two...

    good luck with the sale
  16. Somehow this still hasn't sold... Its in perfect nick, top bike. Its at a great price, has to go.
  17. I feel your pain.... bike shops with there finance, warranty, insurance and accessories thrown into a package so you pay $40 - $50/week just make it too inviting for the people who can't put 2 cents in a bank for any resonable time.

    That's my guess anyway :sorry:
  18. If only I could sell my CBR straight away or swap it
  19. Best wishes for a speedy sale, well, from hereon !
    Amazed this bike hasn't sold yet !

    Netriders :

    WTF are you waiting for ??? For a bike to fall out of a tree and hit you in the head ???
    This bike IS the goods and at this price, it's a STEAL !!!!
    Get in there, quick !

    rob_ : Wish I could take this off your hands mate. Gorgeous bike (y)
  20. I would be keen to if I manage to sell mine, seems to be people are not buying bikes at the moment!
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