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Triumph Street triple 660

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  1. nice ride :)
  2. Thanks
  3. Ive got the same bike. I've had friends with all sorts of learner bikes and whenever they get on the 660 they fall in love. Just be wise on how much you spend. Ive put 5k already into it on extras and I'm still going. Hope you enjoy the bike man :D
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  4. I have heard good things about the Street Triple. Yet to test ride one
  5. I bought one. Very happy with it, truck loads of power for a lams bike and pretty well behaved handling.
  6. So much torque, whether for a LAMS bike or otherwise. And the sound it makes when let off the leash......

    Congratulations, it's a cracking ride.
  7. great looking ride WhisWhis
  8. Nice bike

    My only problem with this showcase is how you could possibly think that one photo is enough to showcase that beauty. We need plenty more close ups. Plenty different angles. More,more,more!
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  9. yeah, what he said.

    a showcase should get us all wanting what you've got. sex it up a bit. :snaphappy:
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  10. Ha, OK
    Will do!
  11. Nice bike.

    And as above, more pics please...
  12. Any chance you can un-LAM's that beast? de-restrict it, let that baby loose?? Is it a possibility? Mate at work is in the process of opening up his LAM's MT07