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Triumph Street Triple 660

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  1. noice :)
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  2. Awesome Lams bike.
    Will be getting one myself very soon.
    I'm not sold on the flyscreen though.
    Is this your first bike?
  3. Loving my 660 too. Only issue I'm having is that I'm simply unable to stop spending money on buying extras. about $3k into it and I'm still going. *sigh*. Enjoy the bike man, One hell of a Lams machine
  4. Excellent choice in bike!
    I'm hanging to get one when i'm on fulls.
    Still a toss up between the speed and the street but the street seems like better value for $

  6. Yeah, this is my first bike. The look does grown on you. Upgrading the mirrors is a must as the factory fitted ones are not very functional, as they don't turn out enough.
  8. I am suffering from the same issue. Just put new Rimoza mirrors on plus luggage pack for rear seat. Next will be clutch and break levers.
  9. I don't even get my bike till next week, and I've already got bar end mirrors, quickshifter, a hugger and shorty levers!
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  10. i don't even want to start on what I've bought
    quick list haha:
    Carbon rear hugger
    Carbon levers
    Oxford heated grips
    Rizoma bar end mirrors
    Tail tidy
    Tank bag
    Rear bag

    Decided I'm going to start saving for my next bike after going on the jindabyne trip and dribbling over uncle gregs RSV4 and the tuono's
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  11. What type of levers did you put on. Interested in your recommendation and reasons for choosing the brand/type.
  12. They were sdr levers from ebay. Still quite pricey but have been fine since. I'm sure any of the ebay levers will do. They just felt premium and for a fraction of the cost of some