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triumph steet fighters

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gsf spook, May 31, 2007.

  1. had a chat to the local trumpy dealer today, about what bike would suit me to commute to work on. its 55kms with mainly 80 to 100 speed limit and lots of good corners :) , is a speed triple no good for this type of riding? to harsh on the suspension he says :( , the type of bike you hoon around on for a couple of hours on the weekend only. metioned the new street triple and guess what just the same :mad: .

    so surely some one must commute a bit on this type of bike and still enjoy the ride. only been on a gs 500f on the road so is the salesman talking shite just to sell me something else or is he a really good bloke who has my best interest at heart :?: .

    i know that till i actually ride one i will not really know but there must be riders out there commuting on this type of bike, so what are your thoughts and experiences on this :?: the speed triple looked better in the flesh :grin: oh i hope the street triple does too :grin: :roll: i want something with a bit more balls than a gs
    cheers, spook

  2. Didn't he turn you away from 2 bikes though?

    Tell him it's your money and you'll buy what you damn well please!
  3. He's turned you away from two bikes, he surely must've made a reccomendation in another direction?
    Just buy the bike that suits you not someone else's opinion :wink:
  4. if you want one, buy it. if, as he claims, the suspension doesnt stand up to it (which sounds like cods to me; who makes a bike that cant hack a good riding?*) replace the unit/s with something that will take some punishment.

    *harley and davidson
  5. i need to clear up the suspension thing, not to harsh on the suspension components but the suspension components to harsh on a rider who wants more than to fang around for a while.

    he did piont me in the direction of more a tourer. but in reallity i am after a bike that i can have more fun on on the way to work. he did say the speed triple was an awesome bike and rather agressive but it doesnt suit the needs as a ride to work. surely lots of people must get to work on bikes like this.

  6. A mate of mine used to ride his ~20 km into work. loved it.
    They're obviously not designed for touring on - but a flyscreen is probably all you need for regular 55km trips.
    I think the suspension is firmish - like any sports oriented bike.
    What condition are the roads you're commuting on like? if they're hacked up you might get sick of bouncing around, but if they're pretty smooth then firm suspension shouldn't be a problem.

    Your licence on the other hand might suffer from riding a speed tripple every day :twisted:
  7. Looking to buy new? The NEW speed triple is coming out soon that is a detuned ver of the daytona 675. Basically means it's tuned for more mid range torque from the official talk of it and if so, WOW. It already had tons of torque so any more = :twisted: It's coming out whenever in Oz and will be a fair bit cheaper than the daytona 675. Sounds like THE BIKE for you if you are buying new.
  8. Isn't the new one the "Street Triple" 675cc and the "Speed Triple" is the 1050cc
  9. How about you go and test ride a speed triple and a sprint st, and make your own mind up? Like undii, I have a 675 and find no problems commuting on that - and it's a much more aggressive ride position and harsher suspension than the speed triple.

    When I take it to Phillip Island later this year, I'll probably be singing a different tune though.....:(
  10. Yeah, mornings and still waiting for pain meds to kick in = me having brain lapses easily. So I was thinking one thing, typing the other. sorry :oops:
  11. Sounds like shit to me, the trip is short enough not to be a hassle on any type of bike IMO. :?

    Now me I ride 65kms each way and most of it is splitting between cars, it's not the suspension I would worry about but the riding position.
  12. my dad would ride his speed triple through the twisties in adelaide a helluva lot faster than my BF on his Honda CB1300
  13. That can say (which it should) most of riding speed (in cornering) is the skill of rider, not the engine/dynamics of the bike used.
  14. What a load of bollocks! For a start, they have fully adjustable suspension, which means you can set it (within a certain range) to whatever you bloody well want. Yes the spring rates are reasonably firm, but if you back off the damping to the recommended "soft" settings, they are not too harsh at all! Just remember if you do test ride one, it will most likely be set to standard, which means there is still quite a lot of adjustment left in it to make it more compliant. If you're in the twisties for part of the ride, it's not going to matter much anyway.
    The components are well up to taking the punishment as well. Mine's got 55,000ks on it and apart from one recently blown fork seal, has given me no problem in that regards and still rides like a new bike.
    I've used mine for everything - commuting (70km a day), touring, track (ok, not much...). The only limitations are lack of wind protection (which is only a factor at highly illegal speeds) and possibly carrying capacity in regard to pillions or luggage.
    Really, I think this salesman is just voicing his own personal preferences and prejudices. Buy what you want, and what makes you feel good.
  15. thanks for all the replies, its what i was hoping to hear. the roads are good and the street triple i think will suit my needs (size of bike and more power to grow into, plus i like the naked look) when it comes out. its the type of bike that i want to ride but when the salesman says "you will regret it" you got to query it.

  16. i don't disagree with you there. My dad has been riding for nearly 40 years & used to race.

    my point was that a good rider can certainly fang the speed triple through the hills really quickly - he didn't have difficulty in getting it to turn.

    so I don't see why someone should be discouraged from taking one for a test ride on the basis that it's 'slow' through twisties when it isn't.
  17. Ah, I never realised people had said these beauties were (or could be) slow in the twisties.. I think a naked is probably easier for a rider to use in twisties generally speaking. They would definitely be fast in twisties, more so in the hands of a (good) experienced rider :grin: :biker:

    *edit* Just clicked that you mean in regards to the OP of the salesman saying it's too hard on a speed triples suspension.. Duly noted now!! Not my day today :?
  18. lol that;s ok mate.
  19. Probably just wanted you to fork out more for a Sprint than the Speed Triple.
  20. He's talking through his arse, the Speed Triple is a perfect hooligan commuter, I'd give my right nut for one if I could find it.