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Triumph ST 955i - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Stormtrooper, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. howdy boys and girls,

    just wondering if anyone out there riding one of these beasties would like to fill me on what its like?

    I'm looking at one as a replacement for the SV650 as I'm wanting to do a bit of 2 up touring longer than an hour at a stretch (and after an hour on the SV you do need a stretch...)

    Got a friendly local selling his ST (british racing green - the only colour to get in a english vehicle :p ) which is in excellent condition - only one owner, well looked after, and includes such niceties as a chain oiler, heated grips, panniers, ventura rack, centre stand (some of these are probably standard fittings, but hey...).

    Only drawback is its done 89,000kms in 7 years. I know bike engines are designed to give a lot more than this when properly looked after, but i'm still a little paranoid. If it was a jap bike, i don't think i'd be quite so concerned....

    anyone want to add to my paranoia? should i be concerned? or am I jumping at shadows?
  2. There was a 'should I buy a 955i?' thread just last week, if you can search it out you'll find some good info there.

    My boss has a silver one and he's sell his missus first. (Mind you, he might end up selling her anyway :LOL:).
  3. previous thread was on the daytona version.
  4. Thanks Hornet - i'll check it out.

    The Daytona has a similar set up, doesn't it?