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Triumph Sprint ST or 675 Daytona 2007mdl

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CCVTR, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I’m considering getting one of these machines SPRINT ST in lieu of the Daytona 675.

    I'd really like to get the 675 although I think my old body would seize on it on a long ride. (got a little bit spine damage, back several and neck in several places) I've got to face reality, need something a little more friendlily.

    I haven't ridden either as I'm not off my restrictions. 1 month to go. I was of restrictions many years ago, but that’s another boring storey.

    What your opinion on the ST.

  2. I've ridden both, and I can say that the Sprint is a LOT friendlier to our aging bodies than the 675 (and that was before I hurt my back this week). Very easy to ride at any speed for any distance, and stuffed full of grunt.
    Even so, if I could have a second bike just for occasional short rides... there's nothing that would tempt me like the Daytona.
  3. Triumphs

    If you like to ride a bit of distance the Sprint is the one to go for.
    675 if you like to go quick but I don't think I'd be doing much touring on one. Depends what sort of riding you're going to do mostly.
  4. i love my daytona :D but yeah, it doesnt really play that much on ur back, its the constant weight on ur wrists that get a lil annoying over a lengthy time :p

    i havent been able to ride a st as of yet but im also looking for more of a touring bike that i can take from point A all the way to the other side of the country to point B and then back :D

    either way i wouldnt get rid of my 675 no matter what :D
  5. I forgot to mention that I do like the twisty stuff, Spur and the Dandenong's, although I also do a bit of casual touring also. I probably do 2 - 3 hour stints at a time.

    It's going to come down to riding them but will logic dictate?

    I think the 675 is a hot looking bike and inherently has heaps of low and mid range torque as with the ST.

    It will be a tough call?
  6. Triumphs

    Ride both. I know it will be hard to get bikes for 2 or so hours. I like my Sprint RS for a bit of everything, it has it's downfalls, but it's not too bad.
    Get a Sprint & put some good tyres on it & set the suspension up properly & you'll have a ball!!
  7. Hi ccvtr
    Aging body hey :) . Know what thats like :(
    I've had my sprint for a few months now , and if you forget about the month I was on suspension :cry: and the two weeks I had a twisted ankle and had to be a :driver: :-({|= I've racked up quite a few k's . I've ridden the sprint for trips of 6 hours at a go, and had no problems.
    I also love the twisties as much as the cruising curves and while a good rider on a 675 would be hard to catch up the spurs , they will not get time for a ciggy stop either.
    As sidecar55 said , once the suspension is set up for you and you get some good tyres as opposed to the stock stuff , the bike performs like its part of you. I'd also add the trident pipes ( or triumphs tor pipes ) because not only will it sound better but the tor map is better. Then theres the tail tidy and hugger ....
    The 1050 engine of the sprint is rock solid , though you better get in quick if you want the faster red colour because I hear triumph aren't doing that colour again .
    I took it recently on the ice run over two days and it never missed a beat , and nothing got away from it . There were some unbelievably good riders there who left me , but it was the rider not the bike I'd say.

    The clincher though for you I think has to be the aging body :) . The bike is *comfortable* for all day touring , is a joy to commute on , and rips the twisties . Amazing torque , yet pops into the in line 4 type rev on tap whenever you need it.

    I love it . Can you tell :)
  8. I have had my fair share of back problems and I have to say, go for the ST.................

    This is my first big bike so I dont have anything to compare it to, but Im soooo glad that I made this choice.
    Its really comfortable and has plenty of power (although mine is an older model, the 955cc).
  9. Untill you ride both you will never know.
    In the favor of the ST it is a SPORTS Tourer, as opposed to a sports TOURER. So it is set up with some handling.
  10. I had exactly the same decision to make a couple of months ago (sans bad back).

    Had a ride of both the ST and the 675 and i gotta tell ya it was a hard decision. I'd done my research and knew that the ST would suit me better. I commute daily, some longer trips and some twisties. Walked into the store certain that I'd be walking out with an ST.

    I saw the 675 and thought bugger it, i'll give it a ride. The seating position felt like i was flossing my ass with the bike and the windshield was situated somewhere below my chin but the feeling of riding it was amazing. The exhaust note is sexy as hell.

    Long story short, I did the sensible thing and got the ST. Sure as hell made the long weekend 2up trip from Perth to Albany more comfortable :). I couldn't get the 675 exhaust note out of my head though and the ST sounded so tame in comparison but a trident exhaust fixed that problem. :twisted:
  11. Yep , the trident pipes sound hot. Wolf will also cut the pipes at the back on an angle as they come out from under the seat if you ask , for a slight charge :) , and the baffles can be put back in if needed. They sound great , are lighter , and dont carry the same heat as the stock under the seat. The TOR is pretty good as well though. Both pipes work on the same map , though I think the trident pipes might work even better with a fine tune. Great Pipes.
    Did you fit then yourself Crumpetman ?
  12. Nope, had the shop fit them and retune the bike before i picked it up. I'm an IT nerd. Working with mechanical things scares me :p
  13. longest trip i have managed to do on my 675 was around 545kms in one day, and my back wasnt sore it was my wrists a bit, but damn she is fun through the twisties, i wanna go and compare a ST to the 675 in the next few months but then i will also look at hte beemer tourers and what not too,

    either way u go mate, u will be gettin a triumph and thats a damn good idea :D
    oh oh get a speed triple :D now that sh*t is HOT!! and the seating position is awesome :p

    anyways enjoy the test riding and whateva one u end up with
  14. If you can wait a couple of months, I suggest you look at the Triumph Street Triple, that way you get (most of) the best of both worlds!
  15. Nah, check out a Ducati Multistrada. :twisted:

    Great fun on the twisties, and great for touring, it is also a SPORTS Touring bike. Maybe a pre-2007 one though, as the current model has a wet clutch, and is 1100cc instead of 992cc.

    Mind you, if the Daytona was available when I bought the Multistrada, I might just have gotten one of them. I hear they are actually quite comfortable to ride, compared to other small sports bikes.
  16. Thanks for the input. It's as clear as muddy water or being torn between two lovers so to speak.

    Upto the test ride and my emotions. Ill ride em both and think about it for a few days prior to making a decision.

    Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
  17. And just to muddy the waters more
    While Rodrick is pointing out 1100CC V Twin Ducs...


    Probably not what you want... But always worth seeing pics of :grin:
  18. Damn, a Hypermotard visited a Friday night coffee did it? I should get there more often. Don't you just love those plastic bits? Art!

    If only they had a decent petrol tank!
  19. old age...well more to do with a hard fun packed life is the reason I picked the ST, for my back and wrists its great seating position on the longer runs.. and its still very quick and comfortable through the twisty stuff....
    being a sports tourer it may not be as quick as some in the tight twists but I have never seen top speed as the issue its more to do with rideing hard enough to get the most out of what ever bike your on.
    someone on a tourer is going to be working a lot harder but still rideing on the edge at a lower speed....
  20. I've just come back from lunch at the Dargo pub on my 2007 ST and was chaseing some accessories when I came across this discussion and thought I'd put my 2 cents worth in. I traded an 03 Tiger for a new St + abs in March this year in Adelaide. Have put about 9000ks on the Sprint so far including one big trip to Brisbane via Melbourne, Wagga, Bathurst, Armidale etc. So far I have been totally happy with the Sprint. It tours better than the Tiger and is way more capable in the twisties than I am.

    The only problem is I don't know what I would replace it with when the time comes!!