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Triumph Sprint ST...opinions & experiences.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rogues, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. After some informed opinions here guys, considering this as opposed to a VFR800............Have read some quite good roadtests on the 'Trumpie' with no real negatives at all but tell me please.............
    any experiences/feedback with regards to pillioning and distance.
    Am looking for a bike that is comfortable for the missus for daytouring without her feeling she's sitting up there like a boil on someone's arse
    (if you get what I mean) :p :wink:

    Cheers Rogues
  2. great choose the triumph st is a great tourer it is very comfy for both the rider and the pillion. the engine is a very sweet 1050 heeps of power and a linier power right though the range prob. on of the best sports toures on the market at the moment and a hansome machine to....you cant go wrong with one. there is no bad rap about this bike because it is a very capable bike. it is a very toquey machine with 125 horses there are other sports tourers out there so dont limit yourself to 1 or 2....have a look at others and test,test,test........... :cool:
  3. Last time i saw a price for the ST (couple of months ago now) i was suprised by its value for money. Not a bad deal at all. Fair bit more poke then a vfr and that beautiful triple cylinder engine character (most of the benefits of a twin without the compromises). I'd have one over a vfr in a heatbeat. That said, they're both great bikes.
  4. I've got an older ST, 2000 mod. Its awesome for pillioning and the long distance, the custom seat makes it even more so. The bike is a sports tourer and is more than capeable of handling both styles of riding. The new STs come with panniers which are easily attached and lockable and there is a whole array of touring accessories available. Mine also has the panniers, rear triumph touring rack, tank bag, scottoiler and many other bits n pieces all good for the long haul. Its awesome. Need I say more? Ok, I love her. :grin:
  5. Haven't ridden one, nor do I know anything about them.

    BUT they do look freakn awesome IRL.
  6. My pillion is very new to bikes and she is very happy with the ride and position of the pillion although she does tend to slide forward a little on the longer runs, this doesnt worry me but I do know others who have added a non slip cover to the pillion seat. Im told the after market Gel seats are even better for the ride but they store a hell of a lot of heat for a very long time if left out in the sun
  7. Considered the ZX14 at all .. :?
  8. Speed, Nostress, thanks for the feedback guys..........the Trumpie' was one of my original considerations but then I got some info on an irritatingly notchy 'box' and some so- so handling on the rear under load so I then discounted it.. :? am now having another peep at it.

    "Blue', mate nice bike but I'm sorta limiting myself to 900-1000cc.......
    If I look at your cruise missile I open another whole set of doors an' I dont wanna go there. :wink:

  9. Im not advising it for the power.. I am advising it for 2 up riding..

    Seriously go test ride one with the wife and you will both see where i am coming from..

    Oh and yeah, it goes like a rocket too.. :LOL:
  10. Mate owns one, so I've ridden it a bit and pillioned on it. For two-up with two solid males I can say that as a pillion it was quite comfortable. As far as I'm concerned, the power is easily more than enough for any road-rider's needs. From the perspective of somebody who prefers singles, the triple is a bit too smooth, but then again when it comes to touring that's a virtue.

  11. I had a Sprint ST 955. Best aspect was the motor. If you want to tour two-up you'll have to get the suspension reworked. It's too soft even one-up.

    Build quality is not as good as the VFR nor is the package overall as 'together'. But it's comfy, there are aftermarket bits to improve its touring ability and it's an easy bike to live with.