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Triumph Sprint ST mods

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jeimbo, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Hey all

    Sinace I traded my GSXR 750 in on a more sensible Trumpy ST Sprint 1050 (due to my age and orthopaedic constraints, I kinda spent lotsa money and then evenings doing spanner nights with the mrs doing stuff to the Trumpy and her R1
    Trumpy stuff's exxy:
    Oggys from UK: $280
    Fender elim (plus some Trumpy clothing): $210
    Radiator guard from RadGuard: $280 (doesn't even cover oil cooler)
    Oggys needed fairings off and engine mount bolts front and rear replaced. No biggy but needed T55 Torx drives to remove and they were on pretty hard
    Fender elim was a snack. Took an hour. Oggies had useless instructions but proper guide from Triumphrat.com made it easier - warning, doing up the 17mm nuts on front engine mounts will SHRED your hand on the radiator fins!!



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  2. Here's somemore pics

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  3. Sorry guys, realised piccys are p!ssweak so exp with fave photy of my custom tank protector:

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  4. Stillnogood....argghh I give up...
  5. Did you do your own fender elim................cant tell in the pics:bolt:

    I did my own.....also have D&D exhaust and a lot of ear plugs now:cool::cool:

    Regards Neil
  6. Yup,did the fender elimin about an hour.My pipe says not for highway use so nor what I have.Here's another crackat decentpics:::

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  7. Here's some mor enlrgaed pics - where did yu get your pipe and what are the specs????

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  8. Did the fendr elim in about an hour with help from advice from mrs and a few beers :)