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Triumph Sprint ST 2005 models

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Denelor, May 17, 2006.

  1. Gday all,

    Does anyone know the deal with the 2005 models for the Sprint ST? and was there a new engine put in or is it the same 955 they've had since '99?

    i've been told that the 2005 old style one was the best bike to get, before they brought out the new 2005/06 model which overheats the pillion grabrails,


  2. Not sure if im spouting sh!t here as my knowledge of the Sprints is rather limited, but im lead to believe that they upgraded the engine to the new 1050cc version in the most recent release. That same engine is destined for the next model of the Daytona and the Triple.

    Never heard any complaints about the 2003/2004 model which is the only one i've ever had any experience with. I'm guessing the overheating the pillion grab rails is to do with the triple underseat exhaust.
  3. Yeah it is, my old man owns a '99 sprint st, but he reckoned that the 2005 one (before the new model came out) was the best sprint st made to date, apparently they put a new engine and made a lot of other significant changes

    Unfortunately i cant find any old info on the triumph website about previous model sprint st's :(
  4. there should be some info here:


    I have to catch up with duchy at the next ride day but I belive its a completely new... and with that overheating a thermal break like a hard grommit or some gasket material will fix 70% of it..
  5. Cheers, thats great guys, found all the info i needed on those sites..