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Triumph Sprint ST 1050 exhaust noise

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Mr. Grumpy, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Yesterday I test rode a 2009 Sprint ST. I loved the bike, but I didn't love the noise.

    Just wondering if these are a loud bike or if this one might have been modified? It appeared to have the stock exhaust.

    On idle and riding at speed it wasn't too bad, but there was one particular spot in the rev range (around 3krpm) where the sound reverberated through my entire body. It was like I had a trombone up against my ears (one on each side) and they were blowing as loud as they could. Almost instant headache.

    I have sensitive hearing and always wear earplugs, except for on a very short ride. As this was a short test ride I opted to not wear them. I'd just test ridden two other bikes with no plugs with no issues. The Sprint was so loud that while earplugs would help, the sound would still irritate me no end - especially as the bike felt comfortable on suburban streets at that RPM.

    Is the Sprint ST typically a loud bike or is it likely this one has had the baffles played with? Unfortunately they didn't have another that I could compare with.
  2. Just visiting. It could be that the exhaust was the TOR pipes which are identical to the stock pipes but louder and poppier. I had them but I've since sold my sprint I had. I got the TOR pipes put on because the stock were just too quiet. Different strokes ...... Great bike.
  3. Thanks for the response :). I bought a VFR in the end - also a great bike!
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    I thought that my Sprint has a stock exhaust. But after reading K8's post I'm not so sure. I bought it second hand, hence can't be sure, but it snarls lustily under load and pops and bangs quite a lot on the overrun. Anyway, just call me Goldilocks.... for me it's not too loud and not too quiet. It's just right. A lovely snarl away from the lights up to around 8k in first. I do it every day on the way to work just for fun (on an 80kmh road). I guess I'm just a pension-age hooligan when I'm riding this thing. Maybe that's why I love it?

    But I really think the triple sound is perfectly placed between the high pitched scream of a sports four and the flatulent-elephant vee twins. Each to his own. I don't care. I'm happy :):);)