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Triumph Sprint RS 2001 Model $6,200

Discussion in 'Archived' started by lowercase, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. *20,300 k's
    *Racing Yellow
    *Two owners (one female - me - had bike for under 2 months - and first owner was established older rider)
    *Log books & full service history
    *Rear cowling
    *Genuine centre stand has been added (i paid about $400 incl fitting)
    *Genuine rack has been added - see pics (i paid about $400 incl fitting)
    *Genuine Triumph Soft Panniers (worth about $500? in perfect condition. even have the rain jackets inside them never taken out of them)
    *Custom Exhaust (sounds AMAZING!) but not too loud at all either, just enough to sound good and hear in traffic
    *Never been ridden in the rain

    >>Right hand side front fairing is damaged, and a few scratches (that can be buffed out with no effort)
    - the bike was on its side when I came back to it after a party. Supposedly, drunks had been fecking around with it. This bike has NEVER been dropped prior and is in absolutely immaculate condition otherwise, just needs RH side fairing at the front, and front left blinker replaced.

    I can't ride this bike comfortably anymore since a serious hand injury.

    $5,800 for a quick sale (EXTREMELY CHEAP compared to market value - insurance companies have this bike listed as worth $9,500).

    To put it better, he will need about $1000 of work to him IF you want to fix him up. So you'll be getting a bike for $6,800 or a lot less, IF you need to fix him up. If you don't need to, this bike is huge, comfy, perfect for touring, commuting, shops, sunday riding etc. And damage isn't noticeable except for blinker.

    I do not want to sell, but as I said, my hand is not good, and makes riding this bike for longer than 20 minutes for me really painful. This bike, I've only had for less than 2 months, is REALLY hard for me.

    I need to sell this week.

    I will put pics of damage up soon.




  2. PRICE DROP! $5,800 for quick sale.
  3. Re: Triumph Sprint RS 2001 Model $5,800

    here's some pics of the damage. no stupid angle shots, just exactly how my bike is.

    can someone please change the price in my thread title or remove the price entirely to say "price dropped"??

    bike with damage taken from a distance - can't see any damage except blinker:

    damage to fairing and blinker:


    k's travelled - very low for a 2001 model bike! (photo taken today)
  4. Sad news LC.

    Looks like a great buy.
  5. bloody good buy. extremely cheap. very sad. IF I don't sell this week, I will take my bike to QLD with me. either get in before sunday or your chance is gone.
  6. Not jack nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  7. Would make a great streetfighter.
  8. you going to buy, panza? :)
  9. tempted, but the missus would throw a shoe at my head if i came home with ANOTHER bike so soon after buying my FZ1... The Custard Missile!
  10. a shoe thrown at the head is a small sacrifice to pay for such an awesome bike :D
  11. We'll even it up and throw a shoe at your head if you DON"T buy the bike.

    (Now this is pressure selling)
  12. i'll throw TWO motorcycle boots at his head?
  13. this bike is for sale for just one more week. either get in now or you'll miss out

  14. mmm tempting...
  15. want to know anything more about it or want some more pics?
  16. does it include shipping to melbourne? :p

    haha, sorry, its tempting but no can do from my end :)

    good luck though!
  17. no shipping lol.
    thanks though.

    i don't think he's gonna sell before i leave :( it's gonna kill my hand on the way up.
  18. :( sucks. ive seen plenty of good bikes that just wont sell, i know this cause ive been looking at em plenty!

    sadly, im still a first year apprentice on very little wage and needs a car for work, thus most bikes are JUST out of my reach for now. getting closer now :D
  19. Good evening how does this day suit you?
    I am an engineer on an oil rig off the North sea, I will buy your bike at the agreed price but Due to my employment conditions I am unable to take it personally.
    I have a shipping agent who will cpme and take the bike and as an act of good faith I will deposit the full amount in your paypal address. If you do not have a paypal address it is not hard to set one up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.