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Triumph Sprint GT - impressions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spruce, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. So, given my STR is for sale at the moment, today I took a new Sprint GT for a test ride, as it is what I had in mind for the upgrade. After the test ride, I still do have this in mind, and will outline below the reasons why.

    Also note that I may relate some of the features/pros/cons of the Sprint to the Street Triple as it's just easy to compare after jumping from one to the other. I believe a large number on the forum have probably ridden a streety anyway.

    Ok, firstly; the Sprint is a heavy bike. I know what you're going to say, "Yeah but you got off a street triple, everything is going to feel heavy", which is fair enough, but this thing is 265kg on the road. I found at traffic lights and tight spaces (u-turns etc) you certainly notice the weight but whilst riding it feels fine though. The weight isn't much of an issue in terms of riding; it takes more effort to get it into a corner than the street triple, but that is to be expected. Once you have it tipped in though it handles well, and can easily accommodate a change of direction mid corner.

    The Sprint is wide; with panniers attached today on the test ride I hit some traffic and I was too cautious to split the traffic, given it's a brand new bike and not mine. In saying that, I'm not too sure how it would go on everyday duties fully loaded going between traffic but I guess the more I got used to its width the easier it would become.

    The thing is comfortable; when I got back on the street triple I really noticed how comfortable the Sprint is. My backside gets sore on the street triple after only a short period, not sure if anyone has the same issue. But the Sprint is seriously comfortable and I felt like I had much more leg room on the Sprint, I am only 5'11 though, so not very tall. The standard screen on the Sprint is next to useless; I took it on the freeway and once it's 100km/h+ it feels exactly the same as the street triple. There was a point on my chest where I could feel the screen working, and anything above that was full wind power. The salesman was quite confident though in the aftermarket range of screens and some research this afternoon has proved that correct, so that shouldn't be an issue.

    The brakes are powerful, yet the feeling in the lever is not like the street triple. The lever on the sprint is firm, very firm. You pull the lever on and it feels like a solid brick, but a gentle squeeze and it pulls up very well, considering its weight. I didn't get a chance to check the operation of the ABS, and for those who didn't know it comes standard.

    The gearbox. The gearbox is different to the Street; it is quite clunky, but not in a bad way. It selects gears easy enough and doesn't have any faults really, it's just quite a firm operation when a gear is selected. Put it this way, on the street triple you can just snick gears all day long and half the time you wouldn't know. On the sprint it's a definite 'bang' into the next gear. As I said, it's works fine, just different to what I'm used to.

    The motor. Man, the motor; this thing pulls well. You could easily ride this around the world and back and still get acceleration intoxication every time you squeeze the throttle. And it's smooth, very very smooth.

    Given that it's targeted as a tourer, the gearing is quite tall, which I didn't really pay much attention to until I left the dealer on the street triple. I realised how few gear changes I had to perform on the Sprint, compared to the street. Which was a pleasant change. Given that these things are $15,990RRP on the road with ABS and panniers included, I reckon that's a great buy and I'm looking forward to getting into one.

    Oh and also, the panniers fit a full size helmet. I checked. =D>

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