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Triumph Sprint 2005

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Robs_Triumph, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. And the Angels said ,

    You work to hard , time for some fun.. :angel:

    And the gods delivered a 2005 Triumph Sprint

    Caspian Blue ..36,000 kms

    What can i say except wow its a total pleasure

    So many years i stayed away from large road bikes ...

    Im finding it excellent around town even at low revs / speed ..

    Loves the day trips.. A softer seat would be nice yes im looking :)

    Any suggestions for a good Triumph service center around Sydney would be great

  2. Not until you put pics up...
  3. Welcome to Netrider and welcome to the Triumph fold. I do all my service myself, but I think you'll find you are due for tappets at 40Mm and that is a PiA to do.
  4. Pics please!
  5. If you paint it Phantom Black you'll get a few more horsies as well. Congrats on the new bike.

    Peter Stevens had the gel seats (Part # A9701153) at half price for a while but not sure if that's still the case. I'd bite the bullet and go a custom seat though.
  6. pics pics
  7. ProCycles, Hornsby.
  8. thanks alot everyone

    The is a learning experience for me

    This Bike came from the gong ,
    Will check out your recommendation Hornet
    Don't like cowboys who don't know there stuff..

    Will also check out seats ,
    went for a day ride to Tea Gardens the other week from Sydney need some wider foot pegs ( Size 13 shoes ) and a nicer/softer seat i think :)

    I watched a vid on utube re 2005 sprint and a 6/6 guy size 14 shoes,

    Vid Says higher Gell custom seats and wider Buell rider pegs are the go for long rides to get those few inches extra for leg clearance

    I absolutely enjoy riding/going/coming home from work now ..

    I must be ill ..

  9. Glad youve seen the error of your ways :D

    But, the trumpy is still a bantamweight of big roadbikes. Good blend of moderate power and lightness.