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Triumph Speed Triple remapping?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by CrazyCam, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Hi folks.

    One of the boys up at Pie in the Sky, has a 2012 or possibly 2013, Triumph Speed Triple, fitted with the Arrows full system.

    He was muttering about taking it to a dyno shop as he thinks it hasn't been remapped for the exhaust.

    Since I have a laptop, cable, and TuneECU software, I was wondering if any of you folks knew where to find a decent map for the Speed Triple.
  2. The tuneecu website should have a lot of the maps up there
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  3. There are factory tunes available via the Triumph scan tool to suit replacement exhausts. Any dealer can upload the new tune in about 3 minutes.
  4. Between "any" and "dealer" should be "helpful".

    Unfortunately, on the North Western bit of Sydney, there aren't many of them about. :(

    I was kinda hoping that someone with a similar bike might chime in with....yeah, this (URL) worked really good for my bike.
  5. Do not plug tuneecu into a 12/13 model!!!!

    It now locks the ecu which is a very expensive repair job...
  6. Rats!

    Thanks for reminding me fennell.

    I had forgotten about the increased security on the ECU.
  7. NP, would hate to see him without a ride for a while!

    A Trumpy dealer should be able to load on the specific map for that Arrow system for nothing and they're pretty good really

  8. Whats your source for this? I know the new street triples are locked, but didn't think the speeds were.
  9. From http://www.tuneecu.com/news.html

    • Triumph Tiger Explorer, all models
    • new Triumph Trophy, all models
    • new Triumph Street Triple from model 2013 and upwards (from VIN# 560477 and upwards)

      addendum dec.25.2012
    • new Triumph Daytona675 from model 2013 and upwards (VIN# 564948 and upwards)
    These models are not supported by TuneECU.
  10. I think this whole security business on the ECU is a Euro reg.

    By strange coincidence, my wife bought a Skoda car, just on a year ago, and I had been haunting a Pommie Skoda forum.

    At time of purchase, there was a thriving industry in the UK, reprogramming the ECUs in VWs, Skodas and Audis, but, at about the same time as Triumph "locked down" their ECUs, so did the VW family. :(

    Much angst resulted.

    I dunno if the newer security business has been cracked yet, although I suppose it is just a matter of time.