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Triumph Speed Triple 2006 (New) - What is it worth?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Draxyl, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. My local Triumph dealer has a new 2006 Speed Triple with only 20kms on the clock (not 20,000kms).
    The dealer is asking $15k ride away and I'm tempted to make an offer.
    What would be a reasonable offer I could make for this bike considering it is a new 2006 model?

  2. 2008 model one can get for ~$17k ride away.

    The one your looking at could even be a 2005 complianced model (best to check).

    If so. The k's mean nothing. Its all about the year of manufacture / compliance.

    I would say $13500 if its a 05/06
  3. Ok thanks. I did look at the compliance plate.
    The small black sticker on the frame appeared to indicate that the build date was 08/2006 and the bike is neon blue in colour.
  4. I don't think it would hurt offering about $13k, worst that can happen is they turn you down.
  5. If you go in a little lower, you can only go up towards the 15k asking price. Why say $14,500, not enough room to negotiate. Also depends how long the bikes been sitting, does the shop really want to move it?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions and here's the update.
    I went into the shop today, ready to buy it with cash.
    After looking at the Red Book price and your suggestions I thought $13k would be a good starting point and then negotiate up from there.
    Well... I manage to get about half a sentence out and I get cut off with something like "It's $15k and not a penny less" from the sales dude.
    He had such a shit attitude... I don't think I will even go into the store again.
    I've seen that bike in the window for the last 18 months... should still be there for another five years.
    So if anyone wants to buy a 2006 Speed Triple in 2013... head down there!
  7. Well just say "my offer is $13000, I'll be back in two weeks if you want to reconsider." A bike isnt going to gain any value sitting in a shop, and if you get a good salesman, they will realise that, the model is now 2 years old, soon enough you could hardly call it a "new" bike.
  8. Was it Procycles in St Peters by any chance?
  9. Weird behaviour, most motor dealerships have floorplan finance where they get 3 months with no interest and after that it starts costing, so their usually keen to move stock on at that point.

    Seems their waiting for a wood duck to wander in......