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Triumph Specialist tools

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Richard Galley, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hi - I have just purchased a Triumph Daytona 955i and was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of somewhere to buy "special" tools - in particular the headstock top nut wrench.
    I am also looking for a fork oil level gauge/tool if anyone knows where I could find one in the Brissie area.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Heya mate!
    eBay is your friend for a lot of things like this, otherwise talk to a trumpy dealer they will likely be able to point you in the right direction. I can see my headstock nut is a weird socket full of pins... weird lol.

    For my part im also looking to build up some trumpy tools for my Sprint ST 1050 i just got (that wont start off the truck :p). Not sure on the 955i, but if it has all the diagnostic tools etc as part of the ecu, might also be worth your while getting a diagnostic cable for it on ebay and use tuneECU to read it all - im interested in plugging mine in for grins if nothing else! Got mine for $16 delivered.
  3. That's great thanks!
    I have never heard of tuneECU - I take it that is some free software?
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    Yeah its free :) not certain the 955i has that diagnostics, but think so. Just buy a cable on ebay for 15 to work with it, or pay 600 for the legit one ;-) .

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    Oh likely you will need a good torx set too. Try and get a socket set for them, full of win.

  6. Cool thanks! Might have to give it a go. Learning about this stuff is half the fun of owning the bike (for me anyway!).
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    I only JUST got my sprint 1050 and it didn't work off the truck lol...
    Haven't got the tools myself yet, but got a shopping list :) .
    If you like (and I remember when home) I'll scan the page of recommended tools for general maintenance from a haynes manual for you (though for the 1050). Not going to get all of em, but some for sure.

  8. Fantastic - I would appreciate that thank you.
  9. Hey Mr Messy - just found the headstock top nut tool for 17 pounds plus postage from "Turbosuzukis" on evil-Bay!
    Not sure if the Sprint has the same nut?
  10. i ended up finding a old tractor socket for that exact task ..
  11. Actually Bunnings stocks the tool for undoning the top nut on the 'tona 955i.

    It's call an adjustable angle grinder spanner.

    As for the TuneECU the Triumph software is pretty unique. The only think I've heard of that will get in there is a Tuneboy and then it can only access some parameters (and there are a lot of them). After that it's the Triumph dealership.

    Oh and as for the fork oil, I measure it with a 6" rule.
  12. Ill keep that in mind ibast.
    Reading on trumpyrat they say that itll do it all, you just also need to get the hex code file for the bike to tell tuneecu what means what as far as the readouts are concerned.

    Didnt have chance to scan the pages today after getting a RWC for my car to change it to qld, hopefully tomorrow :).
  13. That sounds like it is getting a bit tricky for me! Thanks for the tip on the angle grinder spanner - did not even think of something like that!
    Cheers all.
  14. $1000 with single user license from Triumph? :p
  15. Lol, dont need it, its free with tuneECU they have all the hex files, you just need to pick the one for your bike.
  16. Ah well that's good then. I was sort of likening it to the BIOS rom files that you load into playstation emulators
  17. Well, of course if you pick the wrong one it could get interesting :D.
    Got the book sitting in front of my pc for this afternoon to remind me after ive had a sleep, will scan the few useful tools pages.
  18. Eh, now my scanner wont work...
    Ill dig out my camera later lol...
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    Sorry mate haven't forgotten you, just haven't gotten home each day yet!