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Triumph Service Costs?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by E2W, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Im thinking of doing Triumph servicing. In the past I've stayed away from Triumphs due to the fact you need a scanner to access the FI computer on the bike to make changes to O2 levels, idle speed and so on. Snap-On have just launched a new scanner which costs $5000 but I need to know what Triumph owners are paying for a service to see if it's viable to splash out 5K to buy one.

    So the question is: What are you being charged to service your Triumph in Melbourne?

  2. My Street Triple has only had one service since I bought it. That was the first service at 800km and PS charged me $370.

    I won't be going back there, but that's because they can't seem to manage the simple things like tightening the oil filler cap.

    I'd actually rather pay more for you to do it, than pay less at PS.

    If you could get the scanner in the next couple of weeks that would suit me perfectly ;)
  3. So by that most places would charge $200 for the first service :p

    I think that the first should be thrown in with the bike
  4. I just got a minor service on the Daytona done in Sydney, and cost me $380 but that included a bit of stuffing around with gear shift and clutch switch in addition to normal.

    If you could do a standard minor service for under $250, and do it well, I reckon you'd be poaching a lot of business from the big shop in town.

    So when's the Sydney franchise opening up?
  5. $370 for a first service is total gouging, especially on a naked bike like the Street Triple. All they do is drop the oil ($50 tops) and replace the filter ($15), and do a basic lube (ie chain), leak check, and safety check for any bolts that may have worked loose. They also plug in the scanner and check for any logged faults, which 99% of the time there won't be. That's about it (I have the Triumph Daytona/Street Triple service manual).
  6. The scanner on Triumphs does a lot more than just that. Adjusting the idle speed and the O2 levels are the main reasons for wanting to buy one but there is a hell of a lot more fuctions to it as well.
  7. You can download TuneECU for free from the 'net, and buy a $10 cable, and you can adjust the idle speed and O2 levels.

    Look, I wasn't saying that checking the ECU codes is all that the Triumph scanner can do, what I was saying is what is done at the first service, and that charging $370 for a first service is outlandish price gouging.
  8. I agree entirely. I took it to PS for the first service because I bought it new there and it was convenient. Luckily they didn't bugger up much, but it won't be going back to PS again if I can help it.

    I should clarify, I just checked the actual receipt and the $370 included $50 to fit a hugger, so the service cost was actually $320. Still overpriced given the quality of service they provide.
  9. Does that mean you'd be happy to pay $320 for a quality job?
  10. nah pete. $120 for a quality job max. don't give him ideas people.

    if the hardley dealers can charge me $309 for the buelligan. i reckon mid-high 2hunge would be the maximum reasonable ammount to undercut PS without cutting out all your proffits.
  11. I think $320 is probably more than an oil change should cost, but since the options for Triumph servicing in Melbourne are pretty limited I'd end up making my decision based on service quality, not price.

    So...I'd much rather you did it because I trust you, and it just so happens you're as convenient for me to get to.
  12. I think Charlie at Turn 1 would have Triumph people in the know all catered for in Melbourne... Not necessarily the cheapest I would imagine (my brother goes to him, not myself) but his reputation precedes him. E2W will be servicing my new kwaka... partly through reputation/public niceness, partly through location :)
  13. Would you accept going slops as payment? :D
  14. I don't believe the cost of servicing is limited to the tasks you do but 1. how well you do it 2. how convenient you make it for your customers and 3. how straight up you are with your customers.

    So if this machine allows you to do the best job, makes it easier to service in a timely manner (EG your customers can book in for a 9am and know they can ride away at 11am or whatever) and know they are getting a fixed price service and how they will be communicated with (and when) if there are any problems or add ons. If you can do this consistantly customers will come to you whether its $50 or $100 more than somewhere else. I can't believe someone would spend, what, say $13k plus on a bike and then not be prepared to stump up for the best service.

    Customers that are that price sensitive will dump you anyway if there is ever a better price down the road. So I would focus on what price you need to do the services for to get a return on your investment and then, if needs be, look to address how you provide that service in a way that still represents value to your clients.

    Best of luck
  15. about $325 I think for the first service for street triple r from PS Ringwood. it is expensive but happy with the service. everything went smoothly and professionally, more details in my other post about Peter Stevens.
  16. OK Pete, here's some more info. I just had my 09 Street Triple serviced by Charlie at Turn One and the cost was $415. However, that includes $120 for a K&N air filter, so the cost of the service was $295, including 2 hours of labour.

    I'm expecting the next service will be slightly lower because Charlie also did lots of small adjustments that shouldn't be necessary again.
  17. But if an ancient post I know, but I'm after some independent advice (as in not from any PS or Suzuki salesmen)! I'm looking at either a Triumph Tiger or a Suzuki V Strom. My head says Tiger because of all the extra features, but I'm concerned that the servicing, parts etc will cost a lot more $$$ that's the Suzuki, which I'm also really keen on. Both bikes are going for the same price at the moment, and I'd be happy to ride out the door on either, but I want to make as educated a decision as possible so I don't end up forking out hundreds extra each year if it's going to be a lot more costly for the Triumph. Any info would be appreciated! Cheers, Matt.