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Triumph Scrambler

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Holy crap. I saw this bike today at the Motorcycle expo. When I first saw it I did a double take...and thought 'WTF?' and 'Butt ugly'. The exhaust pipes are raised ...not something my mind is used to seeing.

    After a while though, it started to grow on me and now I am at the point where I find myself thinking of that bike in the same way I think of the Triumph Bonneville T100's... =P~

    I wish I took a camera to show you what I mean....and I don't know how to post pics linked from other sites....but here's a link to some photos of what I'm talking/drooling about.


    It's a serious, serious contender for Rosie's upgrade some day when... :)
  2. I'm a huge fan of the Scrambler's looks; I think she's a beaut! From what I've read in the Brit mags though it's a little underwhelming in the performance department... Still, if tearing around like a loony isn't your thing, maybe the Scrambler would fit the bill nicely.
    I don't tear around like a loony yet, but I want the capability should I ever feel the need!
  3. The look of the Scrambler is supposed to invoke the images of the sixties and, apparently, of Steve McQueen who posed on a similar bike in a movie "Great Escape". I must admit I haven't seen the movie so that meme doesn't work for me, but I still like the retro styling.

    However, this is all show. This is no dirt bike, despite raised pipes and knobby tyres. And heck, there's nothing wrong with that - I didn't want a dirt bike in the first place! Except in that case, why pretend? So in this sense Scrambler is a pure poser's bike... but it is also most likely a nice relaxed naked road bike, if nice relaxed naked bike was what you're after.
  4. Well, he doesn't pose in The Great Escape - he rides the whatname off it :)

    Tara Moss has got one, she seems happy with hers.
  5. He might've done some riding, but his supposedly famous (remember I didn't actually see the movie) jump was performed by a stunt duble, namely Bud Ekins
    Source: http://www.motorcyclemuseum.org/halloffame/hofbiopage.asp?id=166
  6. kris said:

    I've no plans on tearing around like a loony... :) Totally not my thing. :)

    cb250goespop said:

    Oooh yeah. :grin:

    Ezyrider - I'm interested to hear your opinion of the bike.

    Rosie V7
  7. Umm, can't say really - I've only seen them, haven't ridden one. I'm more of a Thruxton guy, meself :cool: Not really what I go for in a bike, but they look the goods and would be fun to ride.
  8. The Thruxton's a great looking bike for sure, but it just doesn't do for me what the Bonneville T100, America and now the Scrambler do. I'm yet to see a 'non' Triumph bike that gives me that feeling. Of course, when the day comes that I can actually hop on one and take it for a ride, I may find it's not to my liking. :)

    Rosie V7
  9. Nah mate, go a Rocket III - just don't drop it or try and pick it up off the sidestand - hefty beastie for sure!

    Old ones or new, Trumpys do that to ya - feel good that is :)
  10. The America's about 230kg isn't it? (As opposed to approx 205kg for the other two). Certainly bulkier. They had a Rocket III and a Rocket III Classic on display at the expo as well - I wasn't impressed with the Rocket III but the Classic certainly grabbed my attention.

    BTW, do you call all women mate or do you think I'm a guy? ...I've created some confusion with my Ben Bostrom avatar *laughs*
  11. I don't care if you're male or female (FWIW I was about 98% certain you were a F) - if it's all the same for most of my working life I've either been the token male or there's only a couple of us :) - mate just happens to be a word I use a bit.

    Hokay... helina_handbasket rides an America I think - he loves it. The modern Triumph have a lot to be proud of - don't the Phillip Island Riding School or whatever they're called use Triumphs? They had about 7 of them lined up at their display @ the Expo.
  12. The Scrambler is certainly a unique looking bike. For me the pick of the bunch would have to be the Bonneville.
  13. Triumph Rocket III Classic =

    Capacity 2294cc :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    Weight (Dry) 320kg (704lbs) :| :| :| :LOL:

    Where's a boat anchor icon when you need one? :LOL:
  14. I'd like to know how they get only 55hp and relatively little torque out of nearly 1000cc...
  15. Maybe you should tell this guy..... http://www.davidcohen.co.nz/cap_coast/cap_coast.html

    I'll admit there are better bikes than the Scrambler to do dirt on, but in the right hands it will go very well off-road - as many bikes will.

    I love the look of the Scrambler - just don't like the weight and the engine is a bit underpowered, but new pipes and jets gets a few more hp.
  16. :| :| :| Does it go 100kph without getting all crappy? :) :grin:

    meh - I just like the look of it. :grin: :cool:
  17. Good point, but they are carbed and air cooled for simplicity, so not trying to be high performance but go all day in the mid range.

    06 Bonneville

    Displacement: 790.00 ccm (48.21 cubic inches)
    Power: 62.00 HP (45.3 kW)) @ 7300 RPM
    Torque: 60.00 Nm (6.1 kgf-m or 44.3 ft.lbs) @ 7200 RPM

    06 Scrambler

    Displacement: 865.00 ccm (52.78 cubic inches)
    Power: 55.00 HP (40.1 kW)) @ 7000 RPM
    Torque: 69.00 Nm (7.0 kgf-m or 50.9 ft.lbs) @ 5000 RPM

    Both weigh 205kg's
  18. Easily - am sure you'd sit all day on 120kmh, wont get there as quick as some bikes, but would just lope along.
  19. +1 - you'd be fine - put some miles on the Virago first as this bike will be waiting for you as your next one should you want it :)
  20. This was posted on Ulysses Site by one of the members from Bendigo who owns a Scrambler