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Triumph Rocket III versus Suzuki GSX-R1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dan, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. from http://blogs.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/06082005082657MWE9KW.htm

    We all have heard about the incredible drag power the Triumph Rocket IIImotorcycle has with it's 2.3 liter engine. The Triumph motorcycle has more torque to spare than most motorcycles have in total torque. But with its heavy weight, is it enough to really make a difference in a drag race ?

    Daan van der Keur, the Dutch motorcycle maniac who gave us the 3000 kilometer ride in 24 hours {link}, put the Rocket III to the test. And he drag raced it with not just any motorcycle, but with the Suzuki GSX-R1000.

    Who won ??? You be the judge....

    Click here to access MSN and see the video !

  2. mmm, what player do you need for that?
    WMP only plays half of it then stops.
  3. Bloody hard to say looking from behind but I'd give it to the Gixer...
  4. i reckon the RIII got the jump off the line....
  5. OK, so they don't show you the finish line then?
    Well, if that's the case WMP does work.
    So why the hell video the thing if it doesn't clearly show who won???
  6. I reckon that the GSXR will win easily after a slow start. The GSXR is the victim of its own power to weight ratio in the first one or two gears - when the front is lifting and the rear is spinning at the same time, you ain't going to go any faster - once the tyre hooks in then the Triumph is history. The Triumph will be quick initially as the weight will aid grip and prevent it wheel-standing, but those same things will count against it once it's making its way through the gears.

    Then again, who cares? I like my TDR.
  7. Rocket off the line, Gixxer overtakes it after the second gap in the shipping crates by the looks of things. Either way, having a Rocket III fly past me at any speed would scare the bejeeesus outta me.
  8. I'm told it's all the more scary because with stock pipes you don't here the sucker coming. :LOL:

    Damn Quicktime movies. I can't be arsed figuring out how to install Quicktime support in Fedora. And I also can't be arsed plugging my main box back together. Lazy with a capital 'L'! :p
  9. Agreed, the gixxer botched the start a little, it seemed. Once he got it sorted he caught up real quick. On one wheel!
  10. why do it there ? surely a longer strip would have been much better ?

    To me, it looked like the Gixxer had the Rocket by the end of the clip
  11. Straight line speed..the Rocket III had the Gixxer off the line, which I found a bit strange..

    next run should be up the Reefton..... :LOL:
  12. i wouldn't be surprised if the rocket had better traction given its twice as heavy and being a cruiser a lot more of the weight is over the back wheel. Oh yeah and the engine is twice as big :LOL:

    great footage though, i would have done a few runs though, 1 doesn't tell us much
  13. Yeah, from all reports the Rocket can actually go quite hard through the twisties, as long as it doesn't get TOO tight. The wide bars probably help to get it over a lot quicker.
  14. Performance Bike did a similar test about a year ago between the R3 and the CBR 1000rr.
    RR won everything from memory.
  15. Dont sit behind one, the wide tyre combined with the weight, throws up everything
  16. looks like the gixxer did a lazy start and flew past to me...

    mplayer managed to play it no worries...
  17. Says it all...
  18. Gixxer over the full journey...is there anything that bike can't beat? :shock:
    Love the Suzukis :D
  19. Yeah, I actually installed it after - Google + 10 minutes. I really WAS being lazy. ;)