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Triumph Rocket 3 - Turbo...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Fa1c0n, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycles/triumph-rocket-3-turbo/

    I almost wet myself with joy when i saw this.

    I love the rocket 3 without turbo. But i mean..... Oh my god, this thing would end my life.

    Dream bike....... I imagin this would:
    1. Pull the tar off the road.
    2. Make everyone within a 2 km radius' ears bleed (with aftermark exaust too).
    3. Put douchebags driving turbo commadores in their place.
    4. Panties drop?
    5. Make my masculine panties drop?
    6. Send me to my grave.
    7. ...
  2. Suck rabbits out of their burrows as you went past,

    Good way of killing your self also, The Turbo,

    I could put one on my Blackbird,
    They come in 3 sizes, 250 BHP, Bolt on, 400 BHP or 600 BHP,

    I already have 164 HP at the crank, Its awesome already, so I wont be going down that track,
  3. Yep. Woooossssh and the bunnys are shooting to the moon.

    No doubt, i agree, i wouldnt bother with a turbo for the blackbird.

    But, my dream is to have a cruiser (nighttrain) that will flog a sports bike from the mark.

    So i figure the rocket 3 is a good place to start.
  4. The rocket 3, good start, it has get up and gone built in,

    If you get it, Enjoy,

    And keep the shiny side up,
  5. Little brother has a rocket 3, You dont need a turbo to scare sports bikes..

  6. Hehehehee. Awsome.
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    I love power...and lots of it ! But these figures below (quoted from your supplied link, Fa1c0n) are absolutely breath-taking :

    Triumph Rocket 3 Turbo - Technical Specifications

    Description: Albrex engine tuning with one KKK turbocharger in special Albrex configuration and integrated boost control and symmetrical Albrex intercooler system. Albrex high-performance exhaust system with special manifold and three tailpipes. Auxiliary Albrex ECU for ignition and injection including special mapping for turbo engine.
    Engine: Water-cooled three-cylinder four-valve in-line engine with Albrex turbocharging system.
    Displacement: 2,294 cc
    Bore: 101.6 mm
    Stroke: 94.3 mm
    Max. Power: 220 hp / 161.9 kW at 5,000 rpm
    Max. Torque: 360 Nm at 2,900 rpm
    Compression Ratio: 8.7:1
    Max. Boost: 8.4 PSI (0.58 bar)
    Transmission: Five-speed gearbox with reinforced multi-disc clutch, shaft drive
    Performance: 0 - 100 km/h in about 3.1 s; 0 - 200 km/h in about 10.5 s
    Conversion Price: 11,000 Euros

    Never been a 'big bike' person, but the more I read on the Triumph Rocket III, Yamaha MT-01 etc etc, the more temptation creeps into the equation...

    You must record a 'fly-by' (voice/youtube file) if you're lucky to purchase this bike, with/without turbo. I almost died listening to this (MT-01 : [media=youtube]X5CxnmIy618[/media])

    I've ridden in a group with one rider on a Rocket III - he was constantly expressing his interest in a 'race' (me on Gix) whilst on the Princes Hwy/Fwy inbound to Sydney from the South. Very impressive torque on that thing.

    Best of luck, Fa1c0n (y)
  8. Turbo Rocket3, for when 200 Nm @ 2500 rpm just isn't enough. :p
  9. I'm pretty sure (for all those with specific fantasies) this bike will be THE ONE that shreds an entire female's outfit at a mere twist of the missile-dispensing grip !

    Another meaning to 'Napster' altogether !
  10. #10 Ljiljan, Feb 23, 2011
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    You almost died listening to a harley?

  11. Lilley,
    The link I posted is of a Yamaha MT-01...erm, no Harley there buddy.

    Laughed at your link, re Rocket III vs GSXR1000. I don't think the fella on the Rocket had the..erm.. NMOT (Nuts Made Of Titanium) to even attempt to race the Gix. Perhaps a wiser bloke ? :)

    The 'race' I had with the Rocket III was a much closer outcome than that..but I won't go into finer details here :D
  12. Errr...gents?

    If I may draw your attention back to the R3 story for one sec, please?:

    WTF is that Douche WEARING?!?? :D

  13. #13 PhoenixRZNG, Feb 23, 2011
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    Here's one of the M109R vs the R3 (R3 wins, of course)

  14. #14 Nickers330, Feb 23, 2011
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    Very cool. And yes mate, I too was wondering wtf that bloke was wearing... :D
  15. #15 Ljiljan, Feb 26, 2011
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  16. There was a rider with the Rocket III last night on the Mornington Riders Twilight Ride.
    Needless to say, it was a talking point.
    2.3 liters on two wheels..... what more can be said....

    Must say, with the whole styling of the bike, Route 66 came to mind...
    Amazing piece of work!
  17. Little brother keeps complaining of tyre wear, seems to be very easy to spin the back wheel two up in 3rd. Its a great bike to ride but not for the inexperienced, First time I rode it, I played Grandma Duck, (for the first 5 minutes anyway). After that I had ball. It would be very easy to do highly illegal things on it in a very short time frame..
  18. Why?
    It'd be much cheaper to just give every sportsbike you come across $100 cash to let you win.
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  19. it could be done with a boss hoss riding a 30 inch (high and wide) rear wheel, but then your comment still stands.
  20. It was said the other night that 5000k on the rear seems to be fairly common on the rocket.....
    That somehow doesn't suprise me one bit....
    Oh, it's still a nice looking beast!