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News Triumph Reveals the 2016 Speed Triple S and Speed Triple R

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Nov 11, 2015.

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    As expected, Triumph is releasing a moderately updated version of one of their most successful models, the Speed Triple naked. Now known as the Speed Triple S and the Speed Triple R, the bike has received a range of mild aesthetic changes while mechanically there’s a decent amount of modifications to the engine that makes this a worthy upgrade.

    As far as the engine goes, Triumph states that the 1050cc triple has 104 new or modified parts which improves both power and torque across the entire range. Emissions are down and fuel economy has also improved by around 10 per cent. Some of the internal modifications include a new cylinder head, new combustion chamber, new piston design and new ride-by-wire throttles. Output is now claimed to be 140 hp. A slipper clutch is now standard, the exhaust has been heavily modified to produce a 70 percent better flow rate, and both the engine and radiator are said to be 20mm narrower.

    Because the throttle is now ride-by-wire, it means the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple gets a range of electronic aids now common for ‘supernaked’ machines. That means five riding modes (road, rain, sport, track and a custom option), various levels of traction control and ABS.

    The R model will benefit from Ohlins suspension, billet-machined bar clamps and risers, red radiator cowls and a carbon-fibre front fender. The Speed Triple S will be available in Diablo Red and Phantom Black while the R will come in Crystal White and Matt Graphite. Pricing has yet to be announced for any regions.

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  2. too dear for my money.
  3. Lookin' good , be interesting to see what they do with the new 800 Street Triple.
  4. I'm curious about this as well. If the new Street Triple R has an 800cc triple, and bumps the power up by a minimum of 10%...that would give the Street triple power of what?......115-120hp? And lets be honest that really the 800cc bump should produce more of an increase than that.

    Won't want to get too close to the speed triple in terms of power etc or who would buy the Speed?
  5. And that's why they haven't done it to date. Bringing in an 800 version will mostly just steal sales off the 675 and 1050. If thye replace the 675 with an 800 it'll loose sales in many parts of the world thanks to lisence restrictions and just a general preference for mid-capacity bikes.

    Australia and the US are pretty much the only places in the world that think 750cc plus is neccessary.
  6. The 800 will go up to 125 HP

    Triple = 110 HP
    Triple R = 115 HP
    Triple RT = 125 HP (touring model)
    Triple RS = 125 HP

    Speed = 140 HP

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  7. Thanks for that JayteeJaytee

    I guess the Speed would have a decent win with torque too.
  8. I like how they're bringing in the electronic ride modes etc.. Good that everyone is starting to include these features you'd normally see on a BMW etc
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